(Re-e)ducation of The Word. Pt.2

I feel it is an apt moment to write a follow up of the (ar)ticle Re-education of the Word I published in 2018. For those who have yet to read this piece the link is (em)bedded in the title. As a brief (re)minder (a)bout the post, i (pre)sented the power and (im)portance of language. I give many (ex)amples of this. On a couple of (oc)casions, I mentioned the concept of a linguistic prison. That we were somehow liberated or (im)prisoned by our use of language. I wrote the (ar)ticle in October 2018 whilst I was living in Cornwall and (dis)covering the great teacher of Syncretism, Santos Bonacci

By the summer of 2019, my (in)tuitive nose followed a thread by Santos to some videos about Quantum Parse Syntax Grammar which lead me to watching :David-Wynn: Miller, who was giving a (pre)sentation (a)bout a mathematically (a)ligned “perfect” grammar language he had created. He states at the (be)ginning of the (pre)sentaion that he (dis)covered that 90% of the (En)glish language and just (a)bout all known languages on Earth, had been (en)gineered to mean nothing. He realized, (a)mong other grammatical (er)rors, our modern language has had (pre)fixes and suffixes (ad)ded to the root meanings of words, which modifies them, known as colouring.

(U)pon these (re)velations, David and his business partner, (an-o)ther student of language and grammar :Russell-Jay: Gould, found a way to write a sentence, using (pre)positional phrases in a (pre)sent tense scenario, bringing themselves into a different jurisdiction to the pantomime past and future tense grammar of our current legal system. It is (in)teresting to me, that this language, (a)ligns with the spiritual principle of the (pre)sent, now space.

To give further context to the reader I will (as)similate a little what I have (al)ready shared and why.

When David (ex)plained, what i am highlighting in brackets, a lot of things began making sense. As you can see, i am bracketing the (pre)fixes. These (pre)fixes, when you look at their meaning in a dictionary, you will see, that all these (pre)fixes are either (ne)gating the root word or a movement away from, towards, (be)fore and (af)ter, bring the meaning out of the now-space. In styles, when words are bracketed, they are (re)moved from the page in meaning. 

I feel, to know and comprehend what these (pre)fixes are, has the potential to unravel, (pre)viously blocked (as)pects of our cognitive capacity and (a)bility to manifest. Currently, using this (in)verted script, we are, in (es)sence, losing our creative power through confusion of meaning. The concept of cognitive (dis)sonance is something that points to this type of mental confusion. A condition where the (sub)conscious mind is (i)gnored by the conscious mind, that thinks its knows its right and that it sees (e)verything, the way it is. Which is true. We only see through the filtered perception of our mind and its (be)liefs. Yet the (sub)conscious mind is an unfiltered (in)dividualised (as)pect of the superconscious mind, that is being overridden by our conscious mind. 

To know that the language has been modified, is enough to what to (re)claim our conscious sovereignty and (em)powerment. Just look at all these bracketed words, like (em)powerment, that without the bracket, means no-powerment.

Look at the global situations (re)garding mandatory mask wearing and potential vaccines. Each and (e)very private company and trader is being forced through (in)surance to comply with these new heath and safety (re)strictions. What is an (in)surance policy when (in)surance means no-surance? What is a no-surance policy? 

Here is a (de)finition of in- as a (pre)fix, to clarify this is not my (o)pinion, from the Cambridge online dictionary.


prefix (before l il-); (before b, m or p im-); (before r ir-)

used to add the meaning “not,” “lacking,” or “the opposite of” to adjectives and to words formed from adjectives:





Each syllable (an)nounces a word forming (e)lement for (ex)ample in-de-pen-dent are the syllables that make up (inde)pendent. I’m bracketing (in-de) as both these (e)lements are (ne)gating (e)lements. What does that mean for the (de)claration of (in-de)pendence in the (U)nited States of (A)merica?

These are genuine questions we can start asking ourselves and our law makers, governments and (in)stitutions. What do they mean by… (In)surance, (In)dependence and (in)stitution? I (en)courage everyone to (be)gin their own (en)quiry as to the meaning and roots of the words we use.. known as (e)tymology.

When this World age is seemingly crumbling (be)fore our eyes, what are we going to do (a)bout it? Act confused? Roll over and comply? Or are we going to start holding these fraudulent (in)stitutions to their words and actions. These no-surance companies are (en)forcing these (re)strictions (a)gainst our human rites and closing down all other viable options. People are told they are not (al)lowed to go into shops without being forced to comply with wearing a mask. Something which, through research, suggests is a global ritual of black magic and potentially far more damaging to our health than this “seasonal flu” as quoted by the (pre)sident of the World Doctors (As)sociation Dr. Dolores Cahill. There is a wealth of (e)vidence by top doctors and (pro)fessors that this pandemic has been falsified and sensationalized to create global (o)benience and (de)stroy (in-de)pendent businesses from trading.

So, if we are to highlight the problem, we must (pre)sent the solution. In the case of laanguage at least, by learning to write in (pre)positional phrases. Currently our (a)bility to write a correct statement or fact is (im)peding us from creating positive contracts of our vessels. By learning about parse and syntax, we can start to state facts and (af)firmations that are written with true meaning and closure and stop & correct fraudulent conveyance of language.

David & Russell (dis)covered that the grammatical structure, that we have all been taught, in fact, creates no closure for the reader or volition of the author. Through learning correct syntaxing, they realized that our current sentence structure fails to state a fact.

Taught to us as (pre)position, (ar)ticle, noun (no-no), now known in the community as a Poisiton, lodial, fact. When we write babble (En)glish, we fail to state a fact(noun). Through the modification of the sentence structure. (ad)verbs (non-tangible words) and particularly (ad)jectives modify (colours) the following words. A modification of a fact is not a fact. Our (ad)verbs, verb,(ad)jectives & (pronoun) as we use them today, modify the meaning and sentence structure which often leaves the reader with no true closure, (es)especially in (re)lation to a statement of a fact.

Take The (U)nited States Of (A)mercia. The is an (ad)verb, (U)nited is a (ad)jetive, States is a (pro)noun, Of being an (ad)verb making (A)merica a verb. Is a country a verb? A country is a Noun, yet the sentence structure, without the use of a lodial (the) creates a dangling passable verb.

The correct way to write it is.. For the (U)nited-States of the (A)merica. Syntax was (re)moved from the (e)ducation systems back in the 60s (a)long side parse and latin. Likely, so they we would not ever know the conscious tricks they were playing on us.

A correct (pre)positional phrase goes like this.. 

For the bridge is over the water


For the water is (un)der the bridge

Reading and writing these sentences can seem jarring at first, yet they follow a very basic structure. We start with.. 

For the claim 

of the facts

is with the correct-sentence-structure-communication-parse-syntax-grammar 

by the claimant :Russell-Jay:



And backwards…

For the claimant :Russell-Jay:


of the correct-sentence-



is with the facts

by this claim.

In total there is, for the, of the, is/are with the, by the, as ways in which to build correctly structured claims that (in)clude a cause, a fact, verb of the thinking (is/are), a possessive/claim and authentication.

This (in)formation, when (re)gonized the (im)plications, can bring a halt to the fraudulent systems that currently have no legal standing when challenged on their (de)finition of language & meaning. Every single contract that has been written using poisoned (pre)fixes and (in)correct use of grammar is null and void. When a contract has found to convey false language, it is terminated.

I (in)vite you to check the language used in your (in)surance claims & contracts as well as your banks and national tax service. Im not suggesting, to not pay them, yet to seek clarification of word terms before any future contracting is made. A vital part of joining this community is creating a Claim of the Life. An (in)dividual claim (with joint witnesses) of live life, in which to begin the process of becoming your own post-master of yourself/vessel. We then use this claim to come into usery with our other documents like passports, drivers licences etc. To know more about the Claim of the Life click the link.. where you will find access to Russell’s authorized website. https://theallthatis.one/claim-of-the-life/

We need clarity moving forward if we are to build trust and (ac)countability that we are saying what we mean and mean what we are saying. (af)firmations (be)come (in)finitely more powerful when they are created in a structure that follows a mathematically pure formula. It can be read frontwards and backwards with the same meaning. That sounds pretty perfect to me.

This latest piece of the puzzle, in (re)lation to language, is a fascinating (dis)covery and one that (in)spires me to share it with (o)thers who may feel as surprised as i felt. So much so, that i have (re)written a book of poems and riddles to (in)clude this knowledge. (Pre)sented in brackets like this, to (re)mind us of what we have not known was there to see. There are also (o)ther writings on this blog that further (re)veal facets of this global enslavement system in (re)lation to language, the journeys of David & Russell and the construct they built.

There are still many questions about how the masses will ever cross over to this Quantum Language, seeing its difficulty to comprehend the multitude layers of shipping, postal and law mechanics on top of mastering the language.. One thing is sure, that the modification, of most likely, all known modern and recent past languages, have been purposefully (en)gineered to modify the meaning and likely (in)tention of the root word. It is not for me to get into the who’s and when’s, to know why is of (im)portance, as it may well unlock many keys in the minds of those who have yet to see the (in)tent of those who seeked and still seek our (mis-e)ducation & dispowerment.

This (ar)ticle has been written to (en)courage a deeper (en)quiry into the spelling of the languages and (in)vite those who have knowledge, to reach out to help spread the word. 

check out lastflagstanding.com for a full briefing on Russell’s heroic journey.




Do You Know Your True Star Sign? 24 Out of 30 Don’t!

zodiac wheel

I wish to share some paradigm breaking knowledge about astrology, horoscopes and modern natal chart readings. Having been recently studying with an amazing teacher of alchemy, i have become aware to the fact that modern astrology incorrectly positions the stars in the sky. How does this work, you may be asking?

So as far as i am aware, Western & Tropical astrology have been reading and presenting the stars in the sky, via natal chart readings and horoscopes at a different angle to how we actually perceive them above our heads. Simply put, they do not acknowledge the 23-24 degree tilt of the Earth on its axis. This means that the stars are actually, physically in a different part of the sky then we are being told. Thanks to the brilliant platform Stellarium, a star map engine that can be downloaded for free on mobiles and desktops, we can correctly place where the planets are at any point in the sky going back or going forward, bar an unknown act of God. Many of us do not own a telescope and have not been taught the knowledge of astrology and astronomy. Many of us do not know where each constellation is and how to spot them. To be honest, most people these days, have all but forgotten about the stars. Sure we have all sat outside on many a night and pondered how and why they are there, losing ourselves in the vastness of the universe, however, most of us simply do not give them enough attention. This is an all to common issue relating to the mystical arts our ancestors venerated. This lack of attention creates the environment for false and misleading information to rise, if we do not keep an interest in it. It seems this has been the case in this modern era. So few people actually know the planets, stars and constellations we’ve forgotten to acknowledge where actually are in relation to the constellations they are transiting. For example we are told that June 22nd is the last day the Sun is in Gemini and the 23rd June is the first day of the Sun in Cancer. This picture is a screenshot of the Solar eclipse on June 21st 2020 from the perspective of central Mexico 8am.


As you can see, the Sun is coming out of Taurus and moving INTO Gemini. It is clearly not moving into Cancer, So why are we being told that the Sun is in a different place in the sky? Why are we being told on the 23rd June that we move into Cancer when the Sun clearly isn’t? My birthday is the beginning of November, commonly known to be Scorpio yet when viewed in Stellarium, it clear shows the Sun between Libra and Virgo, nowhere near Scorpio! It was a shock to find out after all these years I’m not a Scorpio, however im also pleased to know now, what star sign i am, so i can concentrate on knowing myself better through this correction. Every planet will be in a different position in the sky, some still in the same houses they were in before but  a very different degree. Once you begin to study astrology its becomes clear each degree has a slightly different nuance to them. I am still learning this art, so i am sharing information that astrologers with far more experience have presented. 


It seems that, like with the modification of language (as presented in previous published articles, on my blog), there has been a deliberate plan to confuse the masses with incorrect information, most notably concerning the occult wisdom teachings and alchemy. Both of which are directly associated with astrology, symbols and signs, which are ultimately letters and words which are spelt, as magic spells. I believe certain people were entrusted with the sacred knowledge and they have made these arts exclusive to just about all of us. Through studying with this teacher, i have seen presented, countless corrupted teachings, in alchemical artworks coming from freemasonry with misleading information. Even the Freemasons teachings have been corrupted! I believe this level of engineering has been going on for thousands of years. If you were someone, or a group that had “the power” and you wanted total control, would you share that power with everyone else? If we knew the truth of these things, we wouldn’t need governing, we would be autonomous beings who know who we are, what is of fact and what is of fiction.

This is what i feel has been going on and as the layers of this Genetically Modified Onion are peeled away, the picture becomes clearer and clearer. At what point do we stand up and take our power back? Do you want to continue living in a society that breeds confusion and misinformation to keep us from our potential? Can you see this corruption and why its been orchestrated, as a possibility?

The most gifted of astrologers and alchemists will acknowledge the importance of knowing these occult teachings, that by knowing the stars, their attributes (archetypal energies), their relationship to each other and their reflections encoded in all great stories of humanity we can unlock the philosopher’s stone, we can transmutate from lead into gold, figuratively speaking.

It seems that the Bible and all mythological depictions, are a collection of stories based on the astrological cycles of the ages. As we begin to know the constellations and the stars and their positions, through studying alchemy, grammar, etymology – researching where the words come from, we can truly unlock the mysteries of the past and dispel the engineered spells that have kept humanity in the dark ages for such a long time. Remember once one knows how a trick is made, it no longer holds its power.

So coming back to the star signs, why is it important to know where The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are in the sky when you are born? They provide a template for our personality, development and life journey. It is the oldest knowledge.. Why do you think all great cultures studied the procession of the Earth and the great spheres? Clearly they knew their significance. With all our modern technology, they quite likely eclipsed us with their knowledge and reverence to the heavens above. To draw on one of the oldest truth’s passed down from the Hermetic teachings, as above, so below. What goes on above us directly effects what happens below, they are the same.

It is my wish, that with this information, we all take a keen eye to know where our planets truly are in the sky and particularly where they were when we were born. Even if we don’t use a telescope, lets harness the electronic tools we have today, to better understand the nature of things. Alchemy is after all the science of nature and intimately connected to astrology.

Stellarium is a great starting point. It is not perfect however, as it has wrongly included a thirteenth constellation Ophiuchus. This, by all accounts, is another red herring. The magic circle, better known as the Zodiac has only ever had 12 houses so be aware of these modern modifications. We must all do our own research to know the truth for ourselves, by following the trail of information back to its roots, specifically the words used to describe the celestial bodies, constellations and mythological stories. The truth is out there, we just have to keep digging to find it.

It does not ultimately matter why the information was modified or even who it was, as long as we know now the trooth (i spelled it this way to highlight the truth comes from the root). In time, all this will be presented and understood so the entire World is singing the same song. Until then, thank your lucky stars you heard it at all, as for thousands of years this information, like the bastardization of language has been subtlety altered to keep us in confusion, from truly knowing ourselves.

I encourage you all to do your own research and not take my word for it. When you punch in your date of birth into Stellarium and you see where the sun is, it is almost hard to believe to begin with, however, this way, you will see for yourself something very strange is going on.

If you wish to contact me, to correctly place your planets, The email is theallthatis1@gmail.com. A symbolic donation for my time can be made via paypal (email will be given for payal on request) or patreon. http://www.patreon.com/theallthatis 

Stellaruim – http://www.stellarium.org/

Here are the links to some of my  previous posts on the modification of language.

http://www.theallthatis.one/live-life-claim/ http://www.theallthatis.one/2018/10/29/the-re-education-of-the-word/

May we all be free from confusion so we can manifest Heaven on Earth.


Truth of Responsibility – (Incl. Borean Calling Gematria Ascension Code video)


Back in April of this year (2018) i found a youtube channel that was decoding messages from people who had received visions and guidance during spiritual experiences after the Ascension codes of Neo Glimmer were released. Since then i have been following the channel and its messages. This week i had a message decoded relating to the “Truth of Responsibility” I wish to share the backstory as a way of exercising my willingness to stand tall and transparent during the highs & lows of this awakening process.

Fast forward to August of this year, i have returned to England after the breakdown of my relationship with the Mother of my 2 children from Mexico. i was in a pretty contemplative place, acclimatizing to life back in the UK as well as the shock of the previous few months decline of my World in Tepoztlan. i was being accused of abandoning my children and that i needed to take responsibility for or lacking responsibility for my children. This led me to a deep internal inquiry as to what the truth of responsibility is. This inquiry was further amplified by 3 different people during the space of 10 hours ask me the same question relating to my discussions with my ex partner, which i felt was very synchronistic.

So i first contemplated this idea, who am i truly responsible for in the eyes of consciousness, seeing that the highest teachings tell me I Am The All That Is. Who can i be responsible for, if I Am That? There is nobody outside of “me”. It became very clear that Self responsibility is the only true, pure truth of this concept.. because by awakening to Self responsibility, I Am in-fact uplifting myself from the Small “i” (me, Paul) to One with The Self (spirit/consciousness). When one is being Self responsible, naturally you have care and the wider understanding of the nature of each and every being in the universe and their relationship to you. To wake up to that living reality is a blessing that we are all here to experience. By knowing there is One consciousness and that every being is One with that consciousness implies a profound recognition that all beings are the same and that no harm could ever be committed to another in that state of awareness..

The greatest gift you can offer the World is your own Self Realization – Ramana Maharshi

This quote, as well as Ramana’s picture, was literally hovering over my head when i slipped into meditation. Very quickly i found myself in a acutely aware state of being, then suddenly a small Indian boy appeared to me in my inner vision. He turned, looking directly into my eyes and in a flash my heart burst open like a bottle of champagne, spilling love and bliss out from what seemed like eternal sea from my body that i could no longer identify with. I believe the Indian boy was a young Ramana. I received a very clear message that i was not to participate in the “old” paradigm but to bring in the “new” paradigm. I came out of the meditation at 3.33am.

For me, this concept of the old and new paradigm meant very simply that i am to choose love not hate in the actions i take. To recognize i am love, whole and complete and that worry, fear and negativity was not and will not be promoted in this new paradigm. This also meant, to me, the negative energy in which society in general & particularly the mother of my children, was projecting  towards me, promoting a belief in lack, abandonment & insecurity as some kind of guilt trip was not to be taken on or encouraged. This was a big realization, for i knew at that moment, it was not only my spiritual enlightenment that this shift was about but for her own spiritual development to not feed the belief in lack & insecurities. I realized that the New Earth was not to be created and experienced through fear and distortion of people’s opinions of right and wrongs. This is duality, of the mind. The New Earth is a heart based society..The heart does not care of opinions and judgement, the heart knows all and is the seat of peace, unconditional love and bliss.

Now i am not writing this to convince people of anything. I am sharing some honest perspectives which i feel ultimately come down to knowing the meaning of language in relation to the truth of consciousness. Those who are willing to look at the deepest aspects of the nature of consciousness have genuine accounts of spiritual realizations, no matter how beautiful they are or how fucked up a situation, materially, it may seem to be. Of course many people are not ready to acknowledge these attitudes and simply live in the old paradigm of fear. All i know is that WE do not have to worry anymore.. anyone who truly follows this path of spirituality, will find that fear is the product of mind and seeing that we are creator beings who manifest from the mental & emotional bodies, it is vital that we recognize our mental conditioning of fear. Even if  maybe we are penniless or unsafe, or insecure or unworthy, any of these relative truths, we must do what we can to change our mental projections about our lives. It is each beings individual choice – free will. We will create what we mentally put our energy towards, positive, neutral or negative life experiences… Which do you choose?

I have been blessed with clarity through these revelations, which has also tested me to my very core in respect to my relationship to my family both in Mexico and England who do not understand this decision. Also it has made me look at who i thought i was. Ive been a “nice guy” in the eyes of those who know me, as somebody “who did what the others do”,  but this isn’t what the World needs anymore, the World needs spiritual warriors who will untether the knots of the social conditioning of fear, even in the face of condemnation by people who know no different. History is littered with beings who were ahead of the time in terms of ideas, philosophy and science and were ostracized and misunderstood.

Everyday is a test that i am (relatively speaking) apart from my family and i trust i will have a significant present role in their lives and also that the Mother of my children will awaken to her divinity, her empowerment and worthiness to create and embody the New Earth frequency of love.

As a result of that revelation, i experienced complete unconditional love. I knew at that moment, through my direct experience, that I Am that love, The Self, and i knew at that moment that my unconditional love is truly and absolutely, the purest connection i could have to myself and The All That Is.



The Re-education of the Word

I wish to discuss, in depth, through the eyes of a truth seeker, the nature of the word. To dismantle the beliefs, misconceptions and misunderstandings of language as it is seen and used in today’s society. I wish to also disseminate the truth and meaning from its possible origins, it’s power and effects that the language we use has on our World and how we perceive our reality. This article aims to shed light on the importance of choosing our words with great care and attention and how the use of language, as forms of expression, can empower us with clarity to better understand the World we live in, where we have come from and where we can go.

Through my years of investigating spirituality, the esoteric, ancient philosophies and cultures, i have found many connecting pieces of information which i will look to share with you to build a bright and clear picture of the language we use (in this case English, as it is my primary language from which i can share these ideas) and how language has been misused and manipulated, to create a kind of negative linguistic prison, without us consciously realizing it. It is the purpose of this article to awaken in us the true meaning of the word and empower us with the tools to redefine our use and intention of language.  

We use language to communicate, to connect with others, to portray our feelings and meanings to be understood. We use language to label objects, places, people, functions, the entire World and far reaching galaxies. There is a beautiful purpose to language and through this medium i am reaching out to you now, yet how many of us have taken the time to study and investigate what language and the word is and the intention (most importantly) in which we use it?

As i am aware, language or more specifically writing was born in the lands of Egypt by the Egyptian God Thoth, known as the scribe of Egypt.

Thoth, (Greek), Egyptian Djhuty, in Egyptian religion, a god of the moon, of reckoning, of learning, and of writing. He was held to be the inventor of writing, the creator of languages, the scribe, interpreter, and adviser of the gods, and the representative of the sun god, Re. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Thoth

It had been said that Thoth, through bringing writing to the World, cemented the human condition in duality, separation consciousness. A blessing for our state of consciousness at that time and the subsequent curse of the modern age, as we look to awaken from this belief in separation. At first i was not able to fully understand this idea that writing solidified us into the 3rd dimension, so bare with me through this article as i piece the pieces of this puzzle together.


As far as i can see, the word is best described as a label, the use of these words/labels help us to describe what we wish to convey, to formulate meaning and provide information. This, in itself is obviously needed in our World today as most of us, at this moment, have not mastered the art of telepathy! Yet if we look at what the definition of a label is it begins to unveil the truth behind what i am leading us to..



Noun – a classifying phrase or name applied to a person or thing, especially one that is inaccurate or restrictive.

Verb – attach a label to (something).

Basically, what we can say is, the words we use are labels that we attach to things, that is the action (verb). The description of label as a noun is even more revealing – classifying a phrase or word to a person or thing (which is anything in reality) that is restrictive or inaccurate.

These words that we attach to things are not actually what they are, they are false identifications. This is a profound realization when it is fully understood… With our minds, we go about the World, attaching labels unconsciously and consciously to things, people and places, unaware that the underlying truth of those things can not be known through these inaccurate labels we put on them. For example, in Spirituality, it is said that the word God, The Absolute, Source, Consciousness and such (all labels we associate with the highest truth), are merely pointers towards this concept. The truth can not be objectified in words, as the objectification is completely limiting to the infiniteness, greatness of the experience of it. No word can ever come close to the truth.

The Way that can be expressed is not the eternal WayLao Tzu. Tao Te Ching Chapter 1

This applies to all things, as all things are of Consciousness, of God, of Source. You, your dog, your cell phone, your thoughts. All things simple are, behind the labels we use for them. This is the way in which we connect to this truth of life, this understanding leads us to the truth of all things – One with God (or whatever word you resonate with that refers to the primordial intelligence). It is not to say relatively speaking we can not use this words anymore, yet to know deeply that that is not what any of these things are. They are not the words we use for them, they are pointers for us to convey what we are referring to. With this understanding we can begin to see the World in a fresh perspective, free from the baggage of mental inaccuracies, restrictions and false identifications. It is a way of meditation.

The Way is ever nameless.Lao Tzu. Tao Te Ching Chapter 32

I am not suggesting we scrap the use of language, merely recognizing the relative and absolute truth in the World around us.. Relatively speaking my furry friend Murphy (a golden retriever) is a dog, or perro in Spanish, yet absolutely speaking he simply is, beyond naming and labeling. This is where i believe the word has us trapped in a linguistic matrix. Until you are able to drop the belief in labels and words or at least see through them to the truth, you will perceive the World and everything in it as separate from yourself.


Label meme

In other words, we can say that this mental labeling, especially towards people are judgements about something or someone. We are literally making judgements about what things are, believing them to be these label we put on them, regardless if it is directed towards a person or an object.. If i call myself white or black or i refer to my friend as being white or black we are simple using judgement and we can never truly honour the essence of that being or thing. When we truly understand how damning it is for the soul to judge something/someone else, the World will become a fairytale land, full of loving, accepting, peaceful people. When we judge, we are saying that we know that thing better than it knows itself, that “my” definition of it is how it actually is, a limiting judgement. The truth being the complete opposite, that all things are beyond the limiting labels we put on them.

“If you judge people you have no time to love them” Mother Teresa.                                                                                                        


Another perspective i would like to share, regarding the power of the words we use, comes from a beautiful book called The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. A book of Mexican Toltec wisdom. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has not heard about it. In it, Don Miguel lists four attitudes or ways to approach life, to live in truth and harmony. One of the agreements is To be impeccable with your word. Expressing yourself impeccably is to express yourself in the direction of truth and love. To refrain from judgement or criticism to yourself or others. This also applies to the thoughts we think, for they too create vibrations that we send out into the World – the World created by your Consciousness! We are creator beings, One with God/The All That Is, we must remember that our words and thoughts manifest in this reality, so we must learn to become impeccable with our word and how we use them. To further this point, i would like to highlight the use of intention and the intention we put into our words. You see, as Don Miguel Ruiz states in his book, words are literally magic and the intention behind the words we use creates an energetic signature – vibration..Take the actual word spelling, an action used to describe the process of building words and sentences. If we break down spelling to its root word – spell. We may begin to see where i’m going with this… Witches cast spells don’t they? This isn’t a coincidence. Words can be used and are used every day as spells (of sorts). We can use the word and the intention behind them for positive, white magic and they can also be used for  negative, black magic.

A great example of this ( i have mentioned the work of Dr Emoto in previous articles) the experiments using the intention of our mind through thought projection and writing certain words (energy vibrations) onto jars of water. It has clearly been shown that our projection of intention into water creates aligned geometric patterns, when using words like love, joy, compassion etc. This works the other way when projecting words like sick, hate and jealousy for example .The water molecules becomes distinctly distorted. This really works and is a great reflection of the power of our intention and the word in general.


I believe the use of language today has been manipulated to create a negative vibration in the personal and collective consciousness without most people realizing it, another aspect of the linguistic prison people don’t realize they are living in . Take for example the Goddess Isis, the Goddess of fertility in Egyptian mythology. In modern language it has been hijacked and used as a term for describing an alleged group of Islamic terrorists. The Swastika is another, in ancient Indian Sanskrit, this symbol was known as good fortune and well being. Now more commonly known as a negative symbol, hijacked by the Nazi party during the 1930-1940’s. These are some obvious cases, yet much of our sacred history and language has been manipulated from its origins to weaken the positive intention that these names and symbols held. I’m writing this to help shed light and inspire you take ownership of what we believe and encourage you to investigate the potential of our own minds and our human history, whether through story or the use of language and symbols, instead of believing simply what we have been told in the past or being reported today in the mainstream media. If we don’t, the unconscious will continue to be blinded by the will of the controlling minority disempowered and unaware of their mental influence on the World around them. I would go as far to suggest boycotting the main news broadcasters and publishers to distance yourself from the negativity, fear and distortion of truth they systematically feed the masses with.


On a more personal level, we all talk with modern influences and vocabulary. How many of us have used the term sick, to describe something cool? How many of us have said, in response to the question how are you? I’m not bad thanks. How many of us on a regular basis use negative words or negation (no, not, never etc.) to describe how our day has been or how we are feeling? Too many, far too often… if we truly recognised our use of language and how negative we are about our lives, and how many times we use these words, i am pretty sure we would start to become more conscious of it, especially when considering Dr Emoto’s findings…

Unconsciously, if we use the word sick a lot, whether that be for slang or to to describe how we are feeling, the vibration of that word and what it’s intention is, will more likely manifest in your life… remember our bodies are over 60% water after all!  It works both ways, so we can become positive, affirming creators of our reality through the magic and power of our words. There is every reason in your life to do so, that is, if you want the healthy, positive, successful life you dream of… Positive affirmations create positive vibrations, which we send out into the universe and when we truly believe in the power we have to create our reality, as many successful people have recognised, we can take control our destiny, heal ourselves and manifest the change we want to see in the World.


I remember hearing a statistic given, regarding the amount of times a child will hear the word no compared to hearing yes.. Having looked again whilst writing this article, somebody suggests a child hears no 148,000 times compared to a few thousand yes’s in their formative years. Just think about the energy of the two words, one is an opening – yes you can! The other.. complete cutting of, closing – No you will not!Maybe we can find other ways to communicate with with a conscious, loving approach, even when, in situations, we would rather the child did something different, instead of killing their hope and dreams before they have even get to school age! I highly recommend any parents reading this, to check out the book – The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary. It is a excellent book filled with conscious material as to how best to navigate the path of parenting, through compassionate language, understanding the needs of our children and how we, the parents, are influencing and conditioning our children to the same unconscious upbringing we were likely exposed to. We have a huge responsibility to ourselves, in the way we use language and how we affect our lives, the World and people around us, especially when we are influencing children.

Another aspect of the use of language, in regards to children i would like to highlight, is from the classic nursery rhymes. Those sweet riddles and poems we were read as children. I used to love singing Baa Baa Black Sheep, Three Blind Mice &  Humpty Dumpty as a child., Yet it wasn’t until i began playing these nursery rhymes to my 2 year old daughter that i realized how dark and disturbing the language was and the intention that they were written. How utterly ridiculous do these poems sound when you listen again with new ears and read with new eyes. I invite you to re-listen to a selection of classic nursery rhymes and see for yourselves how dark they now sound. Of course, with some context, i understand the World was a different place to what it was then, so why do we continue to turn a blind eye to this type of language and old mentality, especially when they are supposed to be children’s songs & literature. Im happy to share, i have written a series of conscious poems and nursery rhymes for children and adults that can be the riddles and rhymes of truth and innocence in this new age we are now in. Where the truth of language, words and intentions can be shared, seeded and expressed, poems that can educate and inspire everyone who reads them to be more conscious with their use of language and expressing their truth. Here is a little taster…

“These words are silly and sweet,

Yet they point to something deep.

When you remember the spelling,

With the intention your telling.

This is the magic im selling!”


Synonyms can also be unconsciously used. You know those old sayings past down from generation to generation, that roll off the tongue in certain situations. for example there is one which describes doing two things at the same time “kill two birds with one stone”. Who wants to use a synonym with that connotation? I know these things may sound simple and innocuous, yet the truth of what is being said has a certain dark undertone, which consciously can be rephrased. I now personally make a point to become aware of what i am saying, the meaning of the words im using and whether what i am saying is actually true to me. It is amazing how often i am stopping myself from saying something and finding new ways to say the same thing with a more positive, conscious intention. Instead of killing birds, why not “feed two birds with one breadcrumb”. This sound so much more life affirming and energetically positive!


So as you can see through this article there are many ways in which we can begin to use our words more wisely, to recognize old ways of communicating, that no longer serve our expansion and most importantly recognize the use of negative words in our vocabulary and society that has kept people from realizing their inner truth and mastery. I hope now with this information we can all use the word with positivity, truth and empowerment. Understanding the nature of the word as a label, freeing ourselves from this 3D linguistic prison, which points us back to the isness of all thing. We are That..


“These words im expressing,

Are simply just labels,

To express myself in rhyme.

Which help me convey,

What i want to say,

Like fiction..

They are the product of mind.

The language i use,

To speak my truth,

Untether the unconscious design.

For Now they’re illuminated,

The collective they dictated,

Through my words & symbols & signs.

What’s the meaning of a label,

When written in fable?

You must read between the lines.

To uncover the mystery,

Of the word & its history,

To unlock the matrix & illusion of Time.”


*I am currently looking for a talented illustrator to help manifest my dream of creating a conscious poetry and nursery rhyme book to share these linguistic rhymes of truth with the World.

What Are Words?

Label meme

What are words? Words in our world define everything we see, feel, sense and remember, yet what if we recognize that these words are merely labels, which at the heart of the truth is not what anything ever was, is or will be.

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