Maya Astrologics by Aminta Solar Sun.

The Codes of the Natural time 13:20  unraveled in the Dreamspell Visions of Valum Votan as presented at Harmonic Convergence in 1987 are Cosmic History, true in the present and future of our Galaxy ruled by the One Source the Hunab Ku or Galactic Ordening Dynamics God is in All Number and above All is 19.The Plus One factor magic moves the circleon to spiral development ans our every day, the waves of time reconnect us to past and future in the now known cycles that were once riddles chiselled in stone glyphs decorating the exact orientated pyramydal buildings in the Court of Mayan king Pakal Votan, contemporary of the Prophet of Islam Mohammed PSL.living on Planet Earth now more than 1400 solar years ago


Your personal Synchronization with the Natural Time starts with decoding your birth date. Disconnecting your energy from the caduc old false gregorian calendar measuring system (and its  leading power, the Vatican)  and land in the Matrix of the Galactic Time, the Mayan Tzol-Kin, open the gates to the past, present and future dimensions hidden for so long.

Your Personal Kin, and its travels through your life’s cycles, can be tracked and give you the power of its special energies and wisdom. Your  Birth Kin Number and position in the Tzol-Kin reveal your birth potential, theme and mission in Life.  Personal Solar Yearcycles come with their specific powers, challenges and themes.

Aminta Fall- Kin 100 in the Tzol Kin- guides you through the messages and meanings of the glyphs and their flavours, or just analyzes and transmits these messages with a visionary twist.

bookings for sessions by submitting your birth date and name, and proposing a time frame by mail: mayaaminta@gmail.com

Initiation session: discovery of Kin, Birth potential, Earth Family and mission, charactaristics,talent and tool for developing talent; 33 euro

Relationship analysis, two bithdates and names and permission of the person involved if possible, 52 euro

Actual timeframe analysis for the 3 solar years in motion, energy and mission changes and challenges explained for one person, 52 euro

print out of basic and advanced personal theme drawing codes on demand if relevant..


Principles of TRUST-LAW Governance being: Master SERVANT (SLAVERY) arrangement.




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