:Claim of the Life.

Spending time researching of the corporate/quasi-government system and the history of modern man, i have realized a great deal about the way in which humanity has been enslaved into a corporate World where we are seen as cattle.  During this time, they captured each nation through the postal system, creating contracts using maritime law.

Maritime Law, dictates today, each and every courtroom is a foreign vessel in dry dock, hence the name dock that a defendant stands in during court proceedings.  Everything you see in the World is considered a vessel in the eyes of the system, our bodies, our cars, boats even postal letters. We need to become captains of our vessel and we need to know how to play this “Water World” game, to obtain our sovereignty.

It seems, each and everyone of us that has a birth certificate has been signed a “strawman”. This strawman is your full caps name and surname that is used by the banks, tax office and law courts. This strawman is a dead entity that is created at birth, who represents us in the eyes of the system. It means that we have no rights, that we are dictated to by the judges, taxmen, police and other agencies that are enforcing this Orwellian rule. That is while we cooperate or make verbal, written contracts under that title. We must not comply with their threats as they do not have power over us, unless you give it to them through compliance. 

This relates to a 1666 act called the Cestui Que Vie which can be found through a simple Google search.

It states that, in relation to maritime law, anyone who is not stated to be live 7 years after being last “seen” or birthed in this case, is considered, dead, lost at sea, a delinquent or under age. At the age of 21 when we are given the symbolic “key to life”, this represents the opportunity to free ourselves from the system, if anyone is educated enough to know how to vacate the legal name and status. Seeing that nobody told us of this law, we have all been caught in this trap. They use our mis-education, as i see it, as a tool to control us and unless we learn to play their game we will continue down this path of smoke & mirrors. I highly recommend researching for yourselves, don’t take my word for it, know it for yourselves. 

One solution to this entanglement with the system could be by making something called a claim of the Life. This claim requires 4 people to come together to witness and claim, the documentation of each others claim.  To do that, it seems we will need to learn Correct Sentence Structure Parse Syntax Grammar (correct prepositional phrases). This style of grammar when combined with the knowledge of the posion prefix & suffixes, creates a factual now-space position & performance, where by the author states their volition, claims and commands, in a now space jurisdiction to the fictional banking/governmental systems past/future tense language. We must become knowledgeable in shipping mechanics to fully utilize this technology so that we can come into usury with our passports, drivers licences and other documents with our Claim of the Life.    

Thankfully, with this technology there is a factual way to prove your live status and correctly state facts. Thanks to :David-Wynn: Miller. (who died in 2018) and :Russell-Jay: Gould. We have a technology that we can use to prove our existence and make genuine factual claims. This is mathematically perfect language that can be read frontwards and backwards and mean the same thing. Through studying, they worked out that the English language has been bastardized to adverb-verb, adverb-adjective-pronoun, adjective-pronoun grammar (known as babble), which in the broadest sense it a totally fictional language that states nothing. 90% of the English language means nothing or no contract through the modification of negating, past/future tense prefixes & suffixes. Any word starting with a vowel and two consonants , for example office, attention, application, mean literally nothing. They are negations, the same as words beginning with in, un, en, an, ex, im and many many more.  Any word ending ing, ion, al, ty are contract forming words. This language at first is quite confusing yet it is the key that opens the door to our freedom.

Again, i highly invite you to do some research for yourself. It is of most importance that we claim our language back by knowing the truth of the words we speak and how to make correct contract. This also means that ALL contracts written up in the last few hundred years has been fraudulently created. This is worth your time and effort to educate yourselves.. 

As you can see i have highlighted in bold, some poison prefixes, to show how rife this modification is, throughout our language. It also applies to past tense and future tense     –ed, to, shall. Any language that takes us out of the now-space is likely causing a level of cognitive dissonance that, i believe, can be harmonized through this unvieling of truth about the spelling on our words.

We, as the people, have the rights to be free. To benefit from the wealth of this World, not the corporations. We must educate ourselves before jumping into a quick fix. From my time learning this language and technology, i realize there is a lot of questions to be made regarding how we best approach this highly powerful tool

Please email me at theallthatis1@gmail.com if you would like information to further your interest and study. I have :David-Wynn: Miller´s Quantum book on pdf as well as contacts to the quantum community and its weekly zoom links for further study. If anyone is interested in receiving the book. The printed version sells for £200. :Russell-Jay: Gould continues to hold nations, corporations, judges and peoples to this factual quantumized grammar in the now-space. He is certifying Claims of Life, for those ready to join his construct. look out for the embeded links below.

Inspired by this revelation about language, i began to rewrite a poetry book i have been working on for the last couple of years to educate people to this knowledge, which is now available. Here is a taster..

For The Claim Of The Life

Do ye know (a)bout the Cestui Que Vie?

It’s a law that says ye dead…

Or lost at sea.

We lost control to pirates,

Of our common law lands,

To maritime (ad)miralty.

So when ye stand up in court,

And shout ye name out forth,

It’s not an (ad)visable place to be..

You’ve just docked your vessel,

In a dock in foreign territory.

It’s a trick..

It’s a trap,

It’s a total fraud.

(Ig)nore their letters,

Don’t walk through those doors.

Get off their ships,

Get out of the seas,

Vacate their river banks,

And fake currencies.

I spell ye some great (ad)vice,

Stand up for ye rites,

By learning to read & write,

For the claim of the CLAIM-OF-LIFE.

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