*Are you ready to be the change the World needs? *Are you ready to deepen your practice? Are you ready to know the true the nature of reality? Are you ready to unplug from the matrix? *Do you wish to embrace the inevitable deconstruction of programming through deep reflection & investigation of our society and human history? *Do you long to live life free from burden, free from fear? Are you ready to live in the heart?

If so, come take a ride with me as we buckle up for the greatest show in the universe as we celebrate the upliftment of humanity into a heart based, conscious society. The time is now, in this very moment, where we make true, everlasting change.. i wish to invite you on the journey of your life/dream, through self study & self discovery leading to self empowerment & unconditional love. i wish to guide you towards your highest calling, activating knowledge and memories of who you are and what you have come here for.

Sharing wisdom from such diverse cultures and philosophies as Jnana, Tantra & Hatha Yoga, Hridaya & Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, Taoism, Native & Latin American shamanism, Egyptian Alchemy, Modern Science, Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, Etymology, Astrotheology -Syncretism. Having practiced & guided many silent meditation retreats from 3-17 days & 3 dark room experiences up to 4 days has given me direct experience of meditation, which i wish to share with you. I Trained in Hridaya – Yoga/Meditation of the Spiritual Heart 500+ TTC with Sahajanada. I also Studied with Drunvalo Melchizedek & the Mystery School of Remembering. Trained in ancient art of Laying of the Stones – Crystal healing, 3 levels of Reiki activations. I’m currently being initiated in shamanism by a Argentinian shaman having been witness to many ceremonies of the great wisdom keepers of Mother Earth, The Huicholes, Kogi Momos, Mayans, Lakota & Hopi Indians, Peruvian Shamans and the Tietas of Columbia.

It is my aim to facilitate a quickening in your spiritual path through different modalities, best suited to process the expansion of knowledge and ideas we will be engaging in. Tailoring each program  specifically to help guide you towards mastery in your life. The World is ready for your light to shine bright!

Some of the practices & topics that i have a passion for includes

*Consciousness of Oneness & The Reflective Nature of Reality *Yoga & Meditation Practice and Philosophy *Shamanism *The Energetic Body. *Human History – The Untold Story *Healing through Love & Empowerment *New Earth Living – Solutions/Co-Creation * Deprogramming and Reprogramming Techniques *Creativity & Inspiration *The Heroes Journey *Compassionate Communication *Sacred Geometry and Mathematics *Sacred Ceremony *Etymology & The Use of Language *Synchronicity

I am offering one on one/group in person or online sessions.

I work on a donation based philosophy whereby there is no fixed payment for the session; however I will encourage the honouring of my work as the same value as your own. i.e. what you get paid for your work p/h can be a reference point for the donation given p/h. This is the most harmonious way to honour my work and it is relative to everyone for what they earn.

For you to truly feel the effects of my presence in your life, this is a intense period of paradigm-breaking, deprogramming which will require deep contemplation, vulnerability and self reflection. I will honor you and your space with my full presence, compassion and sensitivity as we explore the dismantling of our social conditioning, making way for the spontaneous joy of a heart based consciousness, dreaming our highest dreams into reality.

Please contact directly through the email to book sessions in Person or online.  theallthatis1@gmail.com

You can also find workshops, classes, retreats and events posted on the blog page.

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