The Occulted Powers Of The British Contitution.

Article by William Keyte – CommonLawConstitution.Org and New Chartist Movement.

“It is in the administration of justice, or of law, that the freedom or subjection of a people is tested. If this administration be in accordance with the arbitrary will of the legislator—the government is a despotism, and the people are slaves. If, on the other hand, the rule of decision be those principles of natural equity and justice, which constitute, or at least are embodied in, the general conscience of mankind, the people are free in just so far as that conscience is enlightened.”

from ‘An Essay on the Trial by Jury’ by Lysander Spooner, 1852

The British constitution (cf. English Constitution) and its real mechanisms that confer liberty on the people are both esoteric and concealed (occulted). It appears that even the most well-versed scholars of law have missed the elusive devices
that exist in the proper-functioning, authentic common law constitution.

Constitutional Limitations on Government

This document aims to break down in a matter of a few pages, the real hidden mechanisms of our common law-based Constitution based primarily on the works of the American lawyer Lysander Spooner and the research and material of Mr Kenn d’Oudney and the Democracy Defined Campaign. Many attempts have been made by those in positions of power over a period of eight-hundred years, to subvert the constitution through a mixture of deceit, obfuscation
and miseducation. This document outlines the essential nature of how the common law constitution was indeed set-up to protect the people’s liberty.

It stands to reason that unless the people of the country have powers over their own government, the people will eventually find themselves in a place of tyranny. Unless limitations are placed upon the government and more specifically how it creates legislation, that government will eventually write itself into a position of absolute power, because power ultimately lies with those that can deliver punishment.

Unless one concedes to a system of despotism, any thinking individual must realise that the government is indeed ultimately subordinate to the sovereignty of the people. Unfortunately the prevailing thinking in our society is that this is achieved through nothing more than the mechanisms of voting in elections: the idea that the people have influence over their own government merely by voting representatives into office.

A constitutional framework can only be truly equitable and, furthermore, the people can only be truly sovereign, if they are able to take part in the process of the formation and even the enforcement of the laws of their community. It is not the job of a people’s government to decide on the justice of the laws of the community and simultaneously to be responsible for their enforcement: that would be the definition of dictatorship. For true equity to exist, the people must
have that authority over their own governing administration; meaning that, in fact, the people govern themselves. The people must not see their government as authority. If government retains the ultimate power to punish without the authority of the people then the people will ultimately be in fear of their government.

So the ultimate question might be whether or not there is some other mechanism (other than voting ‘rights’) that allows the people to decide on the justice of the laws of their community: to decide on the fairness of the laws by which they agree to abide.

That hidden mechanism does indeed exist in Britain, but mendacious and conniving members of the establishment, over centuries, have been effective at hiding it and removing it from the consciousness of the people, through a gradual but deliberate re-education campaign.

This elusive mechanism is Trial by Jury itself—Judicium Parium, as enshrined in the original 1215 Magna Carta. The important point, however, is that these common law mechanisms in their true, authentic form, bear little resemblance to the watered-down, pale imitation that exists today. The original Judicium Parium of the time of the late Saxon kings functioned as the champion of
the citizen juror and kept all people of the country in authority over their own government and its legislation. Put another way, the Common Law (Legem Terrae—the law of the land) laid out in the 1215 Magna Carta was what made the government genuinely ‘by‘, ‘for‘ and ‘of‘ the people.

Authentic Common Law Trial by Jury

Unlike the Trial by Jury we have today in which there is seemingly only one purpose to the jury; in authentic Common Law Trial by Jury, there was a second purpose that elevated the people in the jury to the highest law council of the land.

The ‘petit’ jury of twelve has the right and the duty to judge not only the accused but also the law itself. The jurors are supposed to judge on the existence of guilt in the accused: but not simply by following the legislation under which the accused was brought before them. They must make an independent decision on the guilt of the accused based on their conscience. They are looking for ‘mens rea‘: malice aforethought. The people form their community’s laws by tapping into their sense of natural justice—natural law.

For this reason, under genuine common law, the juror’s decision is also private and there must be no coercion of a juror by the court to reveal their reasons for their conclusion. Furthermore, in order for the accused to be found guilty, all twelve jurors must return a guilty decision. Even if the decision of only one juror of the twelve is not guilty, then the overall jury’s verdict is automatically not guilty. Authentic common law fundamentally favours liberty and there is no such thing as a rogue juror or a majority verdict.

David Hume describes Trial by Jury as…

“an institution admirable in itself, and the best calculated for the preservation of liberty and the administration of justice, that was ever devised by the wit of man.”

David Hume’s History of England, Chapter Two

The jury’s verdict can ultimately disagree with the legislation and this is known today rather patronisingly as a perverse verdict—although there is nothing perverse, of course, for the juror to find the legislation under which the accused is brought before them as unjust. If this happens then something must be flawed in the case or the legislation itself, as it is found to be out of alignment with the consciences of the jurors. When this occurs, the legislation is annulled specifically for that case. This is the people ‘governing’ or policing their own society:

“This position” (that the matter of law was decided by the justices [judges], but the matter of fact by the pares [peers, i.e. jurors]) “is wholly incompatible with the common law, for the Jurata [jury] were the sole judges both of the law and the fact

Kenn d’Oudney quoting in Democracy Defined: The Manifesto, on page 74, from Justice Sir Geoffrey Gilbert’s History of the Common Pleas

D’Oudney continues quoting…

“The Annotist says, that this” [i.e. whether the jurors reflect upon the question of law] “is indeed a maxim in the Civil-Law jurisprudence, but it does not bind an English jury, for by the common law of the land, the jury are judges as well as the matter of law, as of the fact, with this difference only, that the judge on the bench is to give them no assistance in determining the matter of fact, but if they have any doubt among themselves relating to the matter of law, they may then request him to explain it to them, which when he hath done, and they are thus become well informed, they, and they only become competent judges of the matter of law. And this is the province of the judge on the bench, namely to show or teach the law, but not to take upon him the trial of the delinquent, either in matter of fact or in matter of law.”


The above situation is what is described as Annulment by Jury (sometimes referred to rather ambiguously as Jury Nullification) and occurs when a defendant is brought before court.

It is important to draw the distinction again between what our current establishment and Judiciary call common law—which is known as stare decisis (case law)—law that is decided on precedent; and that of the genuine Common Law. Our current system contains a body of wisdom made up of a series of precedents that are formed from decisions of Justices following appeals. This
body of precedents does indeed contain some interesting and in many cases excellent and obviously very carefully thought-through decisions but it’s important to keep in mind that in order to have such a body of ‘wisdom’ at all, it would have to be held by the Judiciary—an arm of government, the very
organisation from which legislation was spawned. That fundamentally breaks the principles of equity on which our rule of law is based.

Under genuine Common Law, this body of case law, as precedent, cannot exist—which is precisely why not only the Judiciary had a much-reduced role, but also, at the point of annulment, the jury will not be making reference to any previous decisions and are not bound by anything prior to that case: it is purely through their own conscience that they are judging the accused.

However, a more far-reaching process could lead to the complete repeal of a statute, and this involves the actual prosecution at a jury trial of those involved in the creation or upholding of unjust legislation. This process is known as Private Prosecution and, importantly, under authentic common law, this would have also been provided cost-free to citizens and could have resulted in the expunging of unwanted statutes. In Article 61 of Magna Carta it is stated that government officials have no liability protection under the Constitution.

Following contemplation and reflection on this, one can begin to realise the profound nature and power of these mechanisms in conferring liberty on the people. It is these mechanisms that provide the foundation to the term ‘Consent of the Governed‘. The consent is provided (or not) to each piece of legislation through the jury.

And so it was that the people ruled the country through the jury, as indeed was the case in ancient Helenic Greece. The Athenian constitution in the time of Cleisthenes around 508 to 507 BC allowed the citizens to be the final arbiter of law through their Exousia Rights. (Exousia meaning ‘authority’ from the Greek). This same principle was adopted all over Gothic Europe and common law was typical—indeed Emperor Conrad of Germany two hundred years before Magna Carta had established the right of the juror to judge according to their conscience:

“Nemo beneficium suum perdat, nisi secundum consuetudinem antecessorum nostrorum, et judicium parium suorum.”

“No one shall lose his estate unless according to the custom of our ancestors, and the judgement of his peers.”

See 3, Blackstone, 350

The reader will, no doubt, come to the conclusion from this that the entire system of Magistrates Courts is therefore unlawful and at odds with the British Constitution! Summary trial breaks all the principles of equity as there is no judgement by peers. The following quotation reveals the secret behind the phrase consent of the governed:

The conclusion, therefore, is that any government that can for a day enforce its own laws without appealing to the people (or to a tribunal fairly representing the people) for their consent, is, in theory, an absolute government irresponsible to the people, and can perpetuate its power at pleasure.

The trial by jury is based upon a recognition of this principle, and therefore forbids the government to execute any of its laws by punishing violators in any case whatever, without first getting the consent of ‘the country,’ or the people, through a jury. In this way, the people at all times, hold their liberties in their own hands, and never surrender them, even for a moment, into the hands of the government.

Lysander Spooner from his essay on Trial by Jury 1852. This taken from Kenn d’Oudney’s inclusion of the essay in ‘Trial by Jury: Its History, True Purpose and Modern Relevance‘ p.120

The Legislature: The Government’s Limited Jurisdiction

An important revelation stems from the understanding that the people have the power to create law through the jury and that that law is a higher jurisdiction than government created legislation. The only ‘law’ that the government is authorised to create under the constitution is legislation—that which is now formed through Acts of Parliament in the legislature. This is what most people today think of as law

The Legislature is considered one of three branches of government; the other two being the Judiciary and the Executive branches. The Legislature in Britain is Parliament – made up of the two ‘houses’: the upper house being the Lords and the lower house being the Commons.

Legislation, as we know from the above, can be discarded through the power of the people through the petit jury of twelve: a court de jure. Due to those limitations, government cannot alter the constitutional framework in which it sits. It cannot write itself into a higher authority and certainly cannot use its right to write legislation in order to alter the very constitution that binds it. It can, however, alter or throw out legislation itself since that would have been created by government.

It is also important to understand that a further mechanism of control placed over the legislature is that of ratification by the monarch. All acts of parliament must be ratified by the head of state, who, in turn, is bound through the coronation oath not to ratify acts of parliament that are repugnant to (breach or are incompatible with) the 1215 Magna Carta. Other powers of the head of state exist such as the power to dissolve parliament and the nomination of the individual to form a ‘government’; in reality more an administration.

“As distinct from supreme Constitutional customary Common Law, statute law is written law passed by the legislature (parliament / congress) and enacted into law on its passing by the Head of State. Whereas constitutions are permanently binding, statutes do not bind subsequent parliaments and cannot ‘form’ or be ‘part’ of a ‘constitution’.”

d’Oudney, K., Democracy Defined: The Manifesto, 2020 Third Edition, p.68

It is also important to keep in mind that no parliament (legislature) made the original Magna Carta of 1215 (as no parliament existed at that time). The Great Charter is the people’s perennial compact with the Heads of State and can therefore never be considered a statute – though it is sometimes erroneously referred to as one. As Kenn d’Oudney states, this is either through laziness, ignorance or a more conniving attempt to confuse and miseducate.

Therefore it is quite clear that the government’s act of legislating new ‘versions’ of Magna Carta in 1225 and 1297 (the ‘Confirmatio Cartarum’) was treason, nothing less. To claim that parliament is sovereign is ludicrous and absurd once the aforementioned limitations are understood. For the government to attempt to alter or infringe on the constitutional documents that are an authority over it, is unlawful. It was acting ultra vires—outside its authority. The government is either all-powerful and therefore tyrannical; or the truth does indeed stand that the British Constitution limits government powers: there is no middle ground.

The legislature, therefore, contains perhaps three layers in total. The bottom, and beginning of the legislative process, is the House of Commons (the Lower House) in which an act of parliament for the creation of a statute begins in the form of a Bill. This then proceeds to the second layer, the Upper House—the House of Lords, to be passed (or not).

It is important to understand the purpose of the upper house as this is especially topical right now during a time of yet more calls for reform of the House of Lords. Unfortunately this clamouring for reform is occurring against a backdrop of misunderstanding in the general population of precisely why the House of Lords consists, and has consisted to a greater extent in the past, of non-appointed, permanent office holders.

The lords who appear to the public as anachronistic, privileged and out of touch are actually there as a protection mechanism for the people against the machinations of the politicians of the lower house. The dangers of untrustworthy and dishonest ministers who listen rather less to their
constituents and more to the agendas of the whip are well known. Politicians who might later enjoy lucrative positions in industry and big business due to having only recently, perhaps, been instrumental in passing ‘useful’ legislation beneficial to those same corporate bodies on to which they will be moving, occurs only too frequently.

The problems of the back-handers and ‘special interests’ of those who too often describe themselves as ‘in power’ as opposed to ‘in office’ are precisely why the upper house exists; containing those who are harder to bribe and hopefully might have a greater resistance to unscrupulous and dishonest dealings. A life time appointment or even, to a greater extent, the burden of a multi-generational family responsibility of a title will bring with it reputational concerns too. There is a solemnity and gravitas that comes with a long-term responsibility and the intention was always for these men of the upper house to temper the short-term agendas and the transient interests of those who could be more easily bribed.

The purpose of the Lower and Upper Houses could perhaps be equated to short and long-term interests of the country: the immediate concerns of the current administration balanced against the long-term fundamental character and freedoms of the realm. The people of this country had better understand this well and quickly before anymore damage is done to the House of Lords. It is
easy to see why the ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ politicians would rather the checks and balances on them were removed.

The reason for the third ‘tier’ of the legislation is similar: the existence of the monarch’s power to give freely the assent or dissent to a bill of parliament. The power of the head of state to ratify or not parliament’s legislation is critical and this has now essentially been lost by the gradual shift towards the erroneous belief that the monarch is obliged to ratify all legislation thus morphing the
head of state merely into a ceremonial figure. This is another cataclysmic loss of protection for the citizens against the tyranny of the legislature. Instead of calling for the increasingly politically correct course of removing the ancient long-term powers of these offices, it would be advisable for the sake of the liberties of the citizens to do the opposite and to understand the importance of these protections and balances built into the country’s constitutional framework.

Democracy: A Return to its Proper Meaning

Once one understands that the real mechanism by which the people have authority and control over their government is not by voting in elections but through the lost and concealed power of the jury, one begins to see how the word democracy regains its more significant and substantial meaning. The gravitas that that word once contained is restored again. The people (demos) really are ruling (kratein) their country and what was conventionally seen as ‘the government’ is reduced, rightfully, to its proper status as an administration working for its people whose ’employees’ are public servants. The most senior position within this administrative organisation is the head of state; in our case, in Britain, the monarch.

Democracy’s meaning has gradually become distorted and it is high time we regained our understanding of its roots in Helenic Greece. The exousia rights of the citizens of Athens in the time of Cleisthenes provided many powers over the state, the most important being their right to be the final arbiter of law.

Our erroneous understanding that democracy has a basis merely in majority voting and especially a party political system has simply led to our enslavement. It is perhaps worth pointing out that the roots of democracy could never have been our party political system as that has only really emerged in the mid-eighteenth century. It would be nonsense to claim something that emerged so recently as being the root to the ancient, profound and revered democratic governance that we so love to hold up as the basis of our free society.

The 1215 Magna Carta is Common Law (Legem Terrae)

It is important to address this issue that the 1215 Magna Carta is, itself, authentic customary common law, contrary to what members of the Judiciary and legal profession will claim today. They will often make the claim that common law is case law (stare decisis) made by judges (justices). Although largely through ignorance, as already suggested, this will also, in many cases, be through a desire to misinform and obfuscate. It is in the interests of those in political power for the citizens to become hoodwinked over time about these matters and the claim that common law is judge-made is one of the many distortions they have put in place.

“It is agreed by all our historians that the Great Charter of King John was, for the most part, compiled from the ancient customs of the realm, or the laws of Edward the Confessor; by which they mean the old common law, which was established under our Saxon princes.”

Blackstone’s Introduction to the (Great) Charters; Blackstone’s Law Tracts, p. 289

“It (Magna Carta) was for the most part declaratory of the principal grounds of the fundamental laws of England. They (Magna Carta and Carta de Foresta) were, for the most part, but declarations of the ancient common laws of England, to the observation and keeping whereof the king (the government) was bound and sworn.”

Sir Edward Coke (Chief Justice), Preface to 2 Coke’s Institutes, p. 3

Clearly, as already stated, the judges are the members of the jury and not the government-appointed Judge (as we call him today). A ‘judge’—a government employee judging on the justice of the legislation formed by the very organisation that employs him, could hardly be described as impartial! It breaks all the principles of a democratic and equitable rule of law.

People’s use of this term ‘Law of the Land’ is ignorant and careless because most people, including many who should know better, when using this term, are referring either to that which emanates from Parliament: legislation, or stare decisis (case law), authored by justices in the Judiciary. They fail to understand, let alone make that distinction, that genuine common law is
something else completely—the true Law of the Land (Legem Terrae).

The Validity of the 1215 Great Charter

There are a number of much-repeated arguments that attempt to invalidate the 1215 Magna Carta, but all of them can be dismissed once one knows and understands the historical detail and context at the time.

One of these is the argument that the Great Charter was signed under duress; and those that make this argument do so without realising that King John was, quite rightly, under duress! They forget the important fact that the King was already bound by his Coronation Oath and was under contract with the people. Under the already established common law of the late Saxon Kings, England functioned as a limited monarchy in which the Monarch, far from being considered ‘absolute’ in power, was in fact regarded merely as first among his equals; his peers, (the titled barons), who had the right to try him if he ignored his obligations and contravened his duties.

“The king, so far from being invested with arbitrary power, was only considered as the first among the citizens; his authority depended more upon his personal qualities than on his station; he was even so
far on a level with the people that a stated price was fixed for his head, and a legal fine was levied upon his murderer, which, though proportionate to his station and superior to that paid for the life of a
subject, was a sensible mark of his subordination to the community.”

See Appendix 1 of David Hume’s History of England

It is important, too, to keep in mind the crimes of the King: he was violent and he had allowed himself or his most senior aides and soldiers, to commit rape and other acts of violence. He had also made families destitute and taken land from people. These were crimes of a tyrant, and the Barons were holding John to account according to his oath and responsibilities as the most senior public
servant in the land.

It is also important to understand the true nature of the state of aristocracy in England under common law. This was not merely a system of privilege for some ‘lording it over’ the peasants as is often assumed. This system of aristocracy was there to ensure that everyone in the land, regardless of their social status, when before a jury, was judged by those who were in the same social context as
themselves—their peers. And, as already mentioned, this was also true of the King.

It was essential under this common law system that the Monarch, if he stepped out of line, was also able to be judged by his peers. Furthermore, to be a just system, it was also crucial for those peers that were to judge the monarch, to be of the same social standing, hence the King’s peers were the Barons: the peers of the realm. Similarly, those of ‘lower’ status: the Villeins, Cottars, Churls and
the like, must be judged if in court by their peers—their social equals. Under the authentic common law system of the time it was essential that every man and woman in the land, if brought before a court, must have the opportunity to be judged by those who experience the same temptations and pressures in life. They would also have access to the earlier-mentioned Private Prosecution.

Whether or not an unexpected benefit or an intention is not clear but this was nevertheless the true nature of aristocracy under the genuine Common Law; and, to return to the matter of King John, the Barons were essentially convening a common law court in which they were the judges performing their sworn duty to try the King for his crimes. They were rightly holding him to account.

The second commonly-presented argument by detractors is the claim that the Pope invalidated the 1215 Magna Carta. The Pope was not party to the formal arrangement of the head of state of England. He was an outsider who had no right to step in and involve himself in the affairs of a foreign nation. King John, for the reason already mentioned, was bound under his coronation oath and had no right to appeal to the Pope for assistance. Therefore any subsequent decree put out by the Pope had no validity and authority: the supremacy of the 1215 Magna Carta remained.

Finally, the reasons for the King and government’s endeavours to re-write the Magna Carta in the form of legislation in 1225 and 1297, were obvious. This was nothing more than an attempt to legislate for more palatable versions of the Great Charter by those in political power at the time—an illegal act of treason itself as the legislature is bound by the constitutional framework in which it sits. For them, it was imperative that they tried to reverse the damage already done by the 1215 Great Charter, to their potential power-grab over the people. For the citizens to have authority over government that was successfully established by the Charter, coupled with the perpetual nature of it—
establishing these government limitations in perpetuity on all subsequent monarchs and administrations, was nothing short of calamitous to those in power.

The attempts to weaken Common Law Trial by Jury in those early years was only the beginning of what was to be the establishment’s subtle, pain-staking and protracted process for wrestling power back from the people over a period of hundreds of years through conniving reeducation and clever trickery. A successfully-established democratic common law constitution for the people is a serious problem for the deep state.

The Dangers of Suffrage, Majority and Consensus

It is worth laying out some thoughts here about the inherent dangers of these concepts of majority voting and consensus thinking. Too often, people are fully bought into the mindset that somehow the opinion of the greater number must hold greater value in some way. This has to be one of the most dangerous and powerful mind control tricks ever played on humanity.

Over time, most people have come to believe that majority voting is the only concept in existence for bringing fairness and justice into our society. The concept of majority voting is not embraced by our common law with the same fervour or enthusiasm as we do in our modern mind set.

All this does is create a consensus: the opinion of the lazy majority, who have usually taken the easier path of less resistance. Truth is often uncomfortable and takes more courage to face: it often hides in dark corners or under the carpet following a furtive sweep. But the thinking man will resist the
temptation to adopt the opinion of the herd, instead, through quiet reflection, patience or even courage and determination, arriving at a more carefully considered position. One could easily argue that the non-conformist’s perception is often closer to the truth.

How many times are we suckered into that automatic belief that the majority must be right or correct? Once considering this carefully, one could claim that the truth is more often held by the minority:

“Truth always rests with the minority, and the minority is always stronger than the majority, because the minority is generally formed by those who really have an opinion.”

Søren Kierkegaard, 1850

Therefore what makes one think that a system of voting, designed to reward the majority with an automatic victory, is considered preferable?

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

George Bernard Shaw, 1903

Is it not the minority that shapes the world? How interesting it is, then, that it only takes one member of the jury to acquit a man? The Common Law truly favours the thoughtful single juror; truly a system for the contemplative minority!

There is more to this, however. Many are tempted to take suffrage and the concept of majority to the next level with referenda by asking all citizens, individually, about one specific issue or policy. And although this, again, fails for the aforementioned reasons as it is still based on majority, there are further dangers that go completely unrecognised.

Asking the nation about measures or policy by putting it to a vote will not grant the citizen an opportunity to reflect deeply on the effects and reality of the proposed legislation. But put before a common law jury, where the jury is deciding on the justice of the law, you are placing the proposed legislation under real scrutiny with the added benefit of seeing its effects on a real man or woman potentially facing punishment, actually playing itself out in front of the court.

The jury, are using their conscience whilst judging the effects of the legislation on the accused man who could be going to prison, for example. Motive, context and state of mind are all being considered carefully and thus the law is being examined in a veritable petri dish in a ‘justice laboratory’.

The fairness of a proposed measure could not receive a more painstaking and meticulous examination, surely, as it does in the context of the Common Law Trial by Jury, the foundation of our Constitution.

Usury and Our Money System

Finally, it is critical to understand that our current usurious methods of banking are quite simply extortion of the citizens and absolutely precluded by our common law constitution. There is no place in our society for the unlawful banking system of the type we have now with our private central banks that fall under the authority and central control of the Bank for International Settlements. Interest-bearing debt and fractional reserve banking is made unlawful under our Constitution for the purposes of supplying the country’s money.

An alternative would be the tried and tested system of money-creation performed by the treasury, based on the assets of the nation as done at numerous points in history in both the US and Britain. Colonial Scrip, Abraham Lincoln’s ‘Greenbacks’ and the lesser known Bradbury Pound in Britain, are all examples of the creation of safely-backed money that would transform the economy of the country. Abundance would result in all instances of the installation of this little-known and lawful mechanism. See…

Under a properly functioning Democratic Common Law Constitution, it is important to understand the distinction between money-creation performed by the treasury—falling under the authority of a public body answerable to the people—and what we have today: money creation performed by a clique of powerful, private individuals and think-tanks with globalist agendas. The wealth and abundance that would result in a society that corrects this fundamental problem would be astounding.

Appendix: Further Distortions and Trickery

To end, it is perhaps worth mentioning some further methods of subversion to the constitution.

If one can control who serves on a jury then, of course, it stands to reason one can alter the potential outcome. Various attempts have been made to ‘pack the jury’ by controlling who serves on that jury and, worse, who in the country is even ‘qualified’ to sit on a jury.

One act of disqualification, which resulted in a huge proportion of the country losing their right to sit on a jury, was written in statute form (thus unlawful) in the 1689 Bill of Rights. Far from being ‘constitutional’ as many believe, the English Bill of Rights was an enemy of the people’s liberty and attempted to contradict aspects of Magna Carta. From this point on, it was a condition for jurors to own wealth and property.

See the essay ‘The Tragedy and Treason of the 1689 Bill of Rights’ by Kenn d’Oudney:

As already mentioned, the gradual shift from a convener (an administrator of the court) to a full judge as an employee of the state thus usurping the preeminence of the juror as the supreme judge, was another method of subverting the constitution.

Related to this was the gradual taking of the rights of the jury to judge various aspects of the case. Under authentic common law, it is the right of the jury to judge all aspects including the facts, the law, the admissibility of evidence, motive, criminal intent and the sentence. This has gradually and unlawfully been clawed back by the state judge over time.

Under authentic common law, the principle of unanimity is crucial in which all jurors must return a guilty decision if the accused is to be found guilty. The modern concept of a ‘majority verdict’ is a distortion of authentic common law.

William Keyte — 07/02/2022
CommonLawConstitution.Org and New Chartist Movement

D’Oudney, K, Democracy Defined: The Manifesto Third Edition, SRC Publishing Ltd., London, 2020
D’Oudney, K & Spooner, L, Trial by Jury: Its History, True Purpose and Modern Relevance Third Edition, SRC Publishing Ltd., London, 2006

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The Chief you see has the correctness on paper, where the word is defined, written in prepositional phrases, creating a mathematical algebraic equation in language, where the sentence, containing a minimum of thirteen words, can be read frontwards and backwards and not deviate from its meaning.

If this is all new to you, there is a wealth of material to get yourselves up to speed. This video may  be a drop in the heart of Russell’s work so this may go over many people’s heads, however this man holds a solution to each and everyone of our sovereignty through learning to read and write. When we have the knowledge, we can no longer be or need to be governed. This shift we are currently in the middle of is separating those who can govern themselves and those who need to be governed.

Today more than ever with the threat of forced medical treatment, tests, mask wearing and restriction of travel, we must learn to control our lives, our space and our movement. It seems to do this in correctness, within the rules of the current game we are in (maritime law) we must learn to make our claim, to state our claim. Within this article there is a wealth of breadcrumbs to follow.

For those that are already on board with Russell’s construct, this message will resonate as a call to arms, that the power is now in our hands.. We are talking about a modern day Django Unchained going on here.. Let me spell it out to you,  Commander & Chief Postmaster General of our World :Russell-Jay: Gould. has ordered the capture of many of the World’s leaders, ex-leaders and co-conspirators such as George Bush, Henry Kissenger, Barak Obama, Hilery & Bill Clinton, Boris Johnson, Bill Gates, Dr Fauci, and Joe Binden  We are talking War crimes, genocide, fraud against the people. 

The Chief has issued a bouty that can be executed by anybody with a Claim of the Life… and of course with any bounty there is a reward. Can you imagine being the man or woman that detains George Bush or Tony Blair lawfully, with the protection of the correctness with the grammar. I feel like buying myself some eccentrically coloured attire like Django and unchaining this planet with a few pieces of paper and a damn fine plan.. Anybody know where Boris is hiding out? I reckon Boris would fall to the floor and beg then run or put up a fight.. Hahaha.

These are not conspiracy theories Russell is dealing in, He deals with the facts and it is his job, with the position of the correctness in character and volition to  call out these criminals and hold them accountable for their actions. Anybody wanna be a hero?

To begin your journey by creating your claim you can visit

Do You Know Your True Star Sign? 24 Out of 30 Don’t!

zodiac wheel

I wish to share some paradigm breaking knowledge about astrology, horoscopes and modern natal chart readings. Having been recently studying with an amazing teacher of alchemy, i have become aware to the fact that modern astrology incorrectly positions the stars in the sky. How does this work, you may be asking?

So as far as i am aware, Western & Tropical astrology have been reading and presenting the stars in the sky, via natal chart readings and horoscopes at a different angle to how we actually perceive them above our heads. Simply put, they do not acknowledge the 23-24 degree tilt of the Earth on its axis. This means that the stars are actually, physically in a different part of the sky then we are being told. Thanks to the brilliant platform Stellarium, a star map engine that can be downloaded for free on mobiles and desktops, we can correctly place where the planets are at any point in the sky going back or going forward, bar an unknown act of God. Many of us do not own a telescope and have not been taught the knowledge of astrology and astronomy. Many of us do not know where each constellation is and how to spot them. To be honest, most people these days, have all but forgotten about the stars. Sure we have all sat outside on many a night and pondered how and why they are there, losing ourselves in the vastness of the universe, however, most of us simply do not give them enough attention. This is an all to common issue relating to the mystical arts our ancestors venerated. This lack of attention creates the environment for false and misleading information to rise, if we do not keep an interest in it. It seems this has been the case in this modern era. So few people actually know the planets, stars and constellations we’ve forgotten to acknowledge where actually are in relation to the constellations they are transiting. For example we are told that June 22nd is the last day the Sun is in Gemini and the 23rd June is the first day of the Sun in Cancer. This picture is a screenshot of the Solar eclipse on June 21st 2020 from the perspective of central Mexico 8am.


As you can see, the Sun is coming out of Taurus and moving INTO Gemini. It is clearly not moving into Cancer, So why are we being told that the Sun is in a different place in the sky? Why are we being told on the 23rd June that we move into Cancer when the Sun clearly isn’t? My birthday is the beginning of November, commonly known to be Scorpio yet when viewed in Stellarium, it clear shows the Sun between Libra and Virgo, nowhere near Scorpio! It was a shock to find out after all these years I’m not a Scorpio, however im also pleased to know now, what star sign i am, so i can concentrate on knowing myself better through this correction. Every planet will be in a different position in the sky, some still in the same houses they were in before but  a very different degree. Once you begin to study astrology its becomes clear each degree has a slightly different nuance to them. I am still learning this art, so i am sharing information that astrologers with far more experience have presented. 


It seems that, like with the modification of language (as presented in previous published articles, on my blog), there has been a deliberate plan to confuse the masses with incorrect information, most notably concerning the occult wisdom teachings and alchemy. Both of which are directly associated with astrology, symbols and signs, which are ultimately letters and words which are spelt, as magic spells. I believe certain people were entrusted with the sacred knowledge and they have made these arts exclusive to just about all of us. Through studying with this teacher, i have seen presented, countless corrupted teachings, in alchemical artworks coming from freemasonry with misleading information. Even the Freemasons teachings have been corrupted! I believe this level of engineering has been going on for thousands of years. If you were someone, or a group that had “the power” and you wanted total control, would you share that power with everyone else? If we knew the truth of these things, we wouldn’t need governing, we would be autonomous beings who know who we are, what is of fact and what is of fiction.

This is what i feel has been going on and as the layers of this Genetically Modified Onion are peeled away, the picture becomes clearer and clearer. At what point do we stand up and take our power back? Do you want to continue living in a society that breeds confusion and misinformation to keep us from our potential? Can you see this corruption and why its been orchestrated, as a possibility?

The most gifted of astrologers and alchemists will acknowledge the importance of knowing these occult teachings, that by knowing the stars, their attributes (archetypal energies), their relationship to each other and their reflections encoded in all great stories of humanity we can unlock the philosopher’s stone, we can transmutate from lead into gold, figuratively speaking.

It seems that the Bible and all mythological depictions, are a collection of stories based on the astrological cycles of the ages. As we begin to know the constellations and the stars and their positions, through studying alchemy, grammar, etymology – researching where the words come from, we can truly unlock the mysteries of the past and dispel the engineered spells that have kept humanity in the dark ages for such a long time. Remember once one knows how a trick is made, it no longer holds its power.

So coming back to the star signs, why is it important to know where The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are in the sky when you are born? They provide a template for our personality, development and life journey. It is the oldest knowledge.. Why do you think all great cultures studied the procession of the Earth and the great spheres? Clearly they knew their significance. With all our modern technology, they quite likely eclipsed us with their knowledge and reverence to the heavens above. To draw on one of the oldest truth’s passed down from the Hermetic teachings, as above, so below. What goes on above us directly effects what happens below, they are the same.

It is my wish, that with this information, we all take a keen eye to know where our planets truly are in the sky and particularly where they were when we were born. Even if we don’t use a telescope, lets harness the electronic tools we have today, to better understand the nature of things. Alchemy is after all the science of nature and intimately connected to astrology.

Stellarium is a great starting point. It is not perfect however, as it has wrongly included a thirteenth constellation Ophiuchus. This, by all accounts, is another red herring. The magic circle, better known as the Zodiac has only ever had 12 houses so be aware of these modern modifications. We must all do our own research to know the truth for ourselves, by following the trail of information back to its roots, specifically the words used to describe the celestial bodies, constellations and mythological stories. The truth is out there, we just have to keep digging to find it.

It does not ultimately matter why the information was modified or even who it was, as long as we know now the trooth (i spelled it this way to highlight the truth comes from the root). In time, all this will be presented and understood so the entire World is singing the same song. Until then, thank your lucky stars you heard it at all, as for thousands of years this information, like the bastardization of language has been subtlety altered to keep us in confusion, from truly knowing ourselves.

I encourage you all to do your own research and not take my word for it. When you punch in your date of birth into Stellarium and you see where the sun is, it is almost hard to believe to begin with, however, this way, you will see for yourself something very strange is going on.

If you wish to contact me, to correctly place your planets, The email is A symbolic donation for my time can be made via paypal (email will be given for payal on request) or patreon. 

Stellaruim –

Here are the links to some of my  previous posts on the modification of language.

May we all be free from confusion so we can manifest Heaven on Earth.


Perspectives From The Extinction Rebellion Movement


As i walked alone to the march, i made my way to Parliament Square, taking in the crowd and atmosphere. There was a peaceful mature energy to the demonstration which felt promising. I’d heard about the movement through a slew of comments made by different people over the previous couple of weeks, so i felt an inclination to go. I had also heard the story about its formation, that there was a strong calling from a woman who set up or helped set up the movement, that she would create a movement that can save the World. This spiked my interest, i wanted to see for myself if there was anything different or similar to this movement and many of the others.

I, like with most other protests id been to, wasn’t expecting change over night and i didnt see this any different However i did notice some interesting things. First of all the very peaceful loving feel to the main congregation on the Square. there seems to be a real intention on positive behaiour and a mature outlook towards the goverment and NGO’s. aas well as that, symbolically, i noticed the Houses of Parliament were being rebuilt.. This i thought poetically can be seen, through my eyes at least, that we are rebuilding this institution, that there is change happening.

It is up to us to dream a positive dream into reality where we believe in positive change,. Yes,  it has been fueled from a deeply dark treatment of Mother Earth and many of the people who are most affected by the capitalist machine. I believe that we, as a collective, have needed to go to these dark depths for change to be implemented. The crazy truth of this situation is, it still could get worse before it gets better, to catalyse more people to wake up, till there actually is enough drive for change. Hopefully we have reached that point that we are at the lowest pit of disconnection to the Planet and are beginning to rise up.

WAKE UP, CLEAN UP, GROW UP time everybody.. I get it, do you?

The World is needing us to wake up, clean up and grow up, like Ken Wilber beautifully stated. Yet it is us, individually, that has to do that process – to wake up, clean up, and grow up and half of that process at least is an internal one. Your internal one!               One by one, we need you to wake up to the reality you are living in.. This word reality works on every level you can think of it, every part of your reality you have the ability to wake up to. Your personal reality, working reality, collective reality and universal reality. The reality, for the collective of this world, is of consumer driven, eco-damaging, workers that ‘need to work’ to survive. With this mindset so prevalent in the World no wonder it is the general consensus/experience for the majority of people here. When we begin to unite with the understanding that things must change, we have then, the ability to educate and facilitate healing on every level for us as a species to grow. It works individually and collectively.

As more and more people wake up to the distortions of our system, to the levels of greed and corruption in the name of global corporations and World banking, we must provide the necessary support to help people begin to see the bigger picture of why the World is set up like this, because it isn’t an accident we have got to this point. It has been very strategically played out by our own consciousness, dressed as figures like Bush, Blair, Thatcher and a thousand others of their ilk. You see the World IS a reflection of us, on an individual level and collective level. All the while we consume fast food, Fast cars and fast living, to hide away from the pain of past events, and separation from the remembrance of who we truly are, we are not healing ourselves. We consume to make ourselves feel better, but it doesn’t work. It feeds the problem, it feeds the suffering we feel because we are not looking in the shadows of ourselves.

I believe as we begin to, as a culture, unveil these shadows to humanity, we can begin to heal these collective wounds and that comes through love. We eventually have to love the part of ourselves that created the problem so we can lovingly embrace it as an accepted part of us.Hating the problem, hating the cancer, hating the manipulation will feed it.. Think Star Wars, hate only leads to the Dark side. WE need to Love the darkness in us and on our planet to embrace it as part of us. It is a high concept to accept and it has been a lesson i have been learning intensely in recent times, so i realize it may take a while to understand AND most importantly accept. Can you accept Life (your life) as it is? Can you accept that terrible things have happened for the upliftment of humanity? Instead of seeing 9-11 as simply a negative conspiracy that caused the death of thousands of people, we can see a bigger perspective that an incident like that has helped trigger people to wake up. The same for the World Wars, it is almost an inevitable cause and effect that led to its destruction and its lessons for humanity to rise to from. To learn from.

protest image

I do feel that many of the issues that Extinction Rebellion highlight about the environment is becoming more and more recognized globally. I feel we can start to make the conscious intention to clean up, yet we have to acknowledge that we have to do the inner cleaning at the same time. All the while that shadow is full of crap, our lives will reflect that crap/junk/rubbish we ain’t prepared to face, so we can see it. This is what is manifesting on Earth at the moment.

I see demonstrations like these as beacons, shining light on the ‘crap’ to be seen externally and hopefully internally because the external always reflects what’s going on internally. So what is the cause of global pollution, internally, on a collective level? They are toxic, acidic materials, no different in energy than toxic racism, toxic governance and toxic corporations not harmonized with the Earth’s & Humanity’s best interests. We need to educate the World of the true story of manipulation and highjacking of this planet of ours. Maybe once enough people can accept this understanding, there will be a bigger uprising. Lets remember however, when the penny drops for people, like it did for me and millions of us who have already woken up to this, it’s a big deal. The World you thought you knew dies in that moment and it leaves a lot of questions that need answering sensitively. A lot of anger and frustration is now beginning to surface which is a good thing as more and more people wake up. This stuck energy needs to move, like it does for an individual dealing with inner blockages, negative patterns and dis-ease, it also needs to move in and out of the collective.

There is no excuse anymore to stay ignorant to the individuals & Worlds issues, to the clear manipulation of Governments and leading world organizations to keep the people dumbed down, reflected as a inner disconnection and disempowerment of the self. I will say it folks, there has been a conspiracy and it’s to keep you dumb and disinterested and disconnected with Life. Because at the heart of it you are a being of immense power and beauty and they need you to stay depressed, on medication and wishing you had more, which is a lower state of vibration to a loving, caring and compassionate way of being. As always, a divine plan in action, even if it doesn’t look divine, it is. Life can not choose when to be divine, it always is.Don’t let that be an excuse to do nasty things to people under the banner of divinity, it will come back on the perpetrator eventually so i invite you all to cultivate loving connections and actions.

You are the Life you choose to live.

I write this article to invite you all to care about your Life, about the Life of the Planet and all its perfection on it and to make life affirming choices. You have three homes metaphorically, Your Heart is your inner home, your home is your physical home and your planet is your galactic home. All three need the same care and attention as all the others. Do you get the picture? If one of the homes is not cared for it reflects that on the others, they will all reflect that disconnection.

A World full of people, realizing that they can choose to do the things they love because thats what gives them the most satisfaction is a World i wish to promote. By coming together and recognizing that we all succeed when we individually succeed, we can promote a World where we can and do live our dreams, our highest ambitions.

We need, as a society, to have our basic needs met. Every man woman and child has a given right to Life, to have the things it needs to survive, Food, water, a home, guidance/education and medical treatment. This is a priority for us as a collective to reach, so we can reach higher up the ladder of personal/collective development. While the majority of the World is still in survival mode, it is going to continue to affect the individual & collective experience. The same principle applies that when one of us suffer, we all suffer.

I believe in the power of love to fix all of our problems, as the saying goes.. “It is not going to be the consciousness that created the problem that is going to fix it” “All we need is love”.

Love is a higher state of consciousness, it is our birthright to remember this state of being and as each one of us finds that love within, we will see it reflected in the World outside us. As a collective, when we get out of the survival mode and into following our passions and thriving, we with see total transformation of our experience. All toxins will be gone, all plastics will disappear.. It will happen and we won’t even have remembered how bad it had got.

Until we reach that utopian reality we must Wake up, Clean up & Grow up personally and collectively.


P.S. It is after all, human beings that are keeping this status quo going so it can be the same human beings that can turn the tables on this system!

In our thousands we came,

With the vision the same,

To stand up and be heard.

Extinction Rebellion,

Is the name of the battalion,

We joined to unify our word.

In our energy they wilt,

With Parliament being rebuilt,

To follow the will of the people.

In love and harmony it’s done,

We are united as One,

The wake up, clean up & grow up..

Has now begun!

I have been inspired by many revelations about the World i live in, to write poetry about what i see. This poetry untethers the conditioning of the past and provides insights of how we can change our reality to reflect our inner growth and opening to love. I wish to invite you to participate in a Inspiration/Co-creation with me. As i bring this body of writings and poetry together, its my dream to present the message with your creations through our inspirations so we can unite in dreaming a new dream into reality. The picture that resonates the most will be included, with your permission in a book to inspire this generation and many others to come.

Follow your heart and trust you are on your path, if you feel a passion to do, make or sing your inspirations into creation then do it, with love in your heart. Post your work on instagram @theallthatis #theallthatis #inspirationcocreation.



Principles of TRUST-LAW Governance being: Master SERVANT (SLAVERY) arrangement.




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