The All That Is.. a platform to provide conscious material, teachings, classes, talks and events that will trigger our conscious expansion, out of the limiting, boxed-in, conditioning of the Western World to a interconnecting, empowered and liberated state of living. Through these last years of investigating, consciousness, holistic living, language & communication as well as many theologies, cultural traditions & practices, i have found common links between these different modalities and wisdom teachings. My aim is to join these multifaceted jewels of knowledge, techniques & attitudes, by sharing my passion and innerstanding of the many branches of the Tree of Life that i & others, have had experience with, to touch you deeply, through the resonance of truth and harmony.

As we know, Life has an ebb & flow, ups & downs, ins & outs, everything is always moving, like water. It is my innerstanding that as we flow with these ups & downs, in harmony with its movements, we begin to take things more pragmatically and less personally. As we begin to recognize the Cause & Effects of life and its processes, we can begin to cultivate innerstandings and compassion for ourselves and the World around us. When we realize that we are a product of our upbringing and social environment, we can see why we have certain personality traits and habits and forgive those who can not see the bigger picture or corrupted by the system we have been living in. Having experience living with other cultures quickly shows beautiful reflections on our social conditioning is compared to other cultural backgrounds and i believe we need to embrace the movement and exposure of foreign culture all over the World as a way to take the best attitudes and wisdom’s of each culture. We can all learn from each other. With this in mind, i intend to open this platform up to anyone who has a passion and desire to serve their community, through sharing their enthusiasm for conscious holistic living.  

I have called this platform The All That Is as a interconnecting metaphor of what we are waking up to and who we are. We begin to recognize the interconnection to All That Is, through consciousness/life/energy/creation. There is nothing outside this process, there is ultimately nothing foreign for we are all part of the whole. All life on this planet, is connected through the four elements of life Earth, Fire, Air & Water. We are all made up of the same elements & compounds, atoms & molecules and they interact just like the planets and stars do – As above so below. Everything is a fractal of itself and we are the lens that is perceiving life in our own unique way. It is my dream to ignite the fire within your heart, to look deeper into the World you are living in, to inspire conscious change that comes with waking up, cleaning up & growing up – the three stages to self mastery.

Firstly we need to recognize that something needs to change before we can do something about the way we are living, individually and collectively. “you can not see what you can not see.” yet once you know something, you can never not know it. I hope this platform exposes you to the parts of yourself that need acknowledging and providing you with the tools to make life affirming choices that create true lasting change and then watch as the ripples of wisdom affects those around you. All of the material and events through this platform, i hope, will invite you to reflect on yourselves, how you live your life and how to align yourself to the harmonics of life, which is you. You are being invited to come into harmony with yourself through different wisdom teachings, reflections, life choices and practices to prepare you to reach your full human potential.

We have been so caught up in survival, materialism and self gain that we have not acknowledged the potentiality of ourselves as human beings. If you realized what is possible in this human vessel, i guarantee everyone would be striving for self actualization and self realization. What is so interesting about these times is there is a coming together, a synergy between science, spirituality and religion, which in recent past has caused division and conflict between just about all people in the last 2000 years. Through the pure language of numbers & mathematics, which can be found underpinning all three of these branches of wisdom, we can see the inter-connectedness of all philosophies. Ultimately everything can be expressed in numbers. For example, when we look at the religious texts, we can relate the use of numbers within stories to the relationship to the zodiac using symbolism and metaphor. The 12 disciples can be seen as the 12 signs of the zodiac or the 12 knights of the round table. Numbers do not lie and i believe as we recognize the patterns of numbers through religions, theologies, astrology and align them to the science of the torus fields, the magneto-electric movement of energy that is replicated throughout nature, we will see the interconnection with all things. Quantum science, i believe is uniting science and spirituality like never before as the impossible becomes possible, through the eyes of the one who experiences it. Maybe you thought science and religion can never unite, well once you’ve studied syncretism, you will see that all knowledge and experience comes back to itself for there is nothing outside of it and all truth is interconnected intimately.

As we begin to clean up, which is another way of saying to heal ourselves from the distortions of our dis-harmonic society and beliefs we can truly expand. By coming into relationship with our past, our traumas and what they are teaching us on the road of life, we can empower ourselves to become the change the World is calling us to be. Loving, compassionate and caring citizens, for as long as one human being suffers, we all suffer. Let us create a new World where integration, maturity, health and happiness are the attitudes that flourish for the betterment of society for all beings, humans, animals, plants, environments and processes.

Once we recognize that what is going on outside in nature is happening exactly the same inside ourselves we can invite the alignment with the innate intelligence of life to become “superhuman” superconductive like the non decaying spin of the electron, perpetual motion, infinite energy. Once we harmonize ourselves with the beauty and power of life energy we tap into its source, through air, water, fire & earth, the ways in which we receive energy from our environment. As we begin to open to our innate abilities and potential, life becomes the wonderland, life becomes the game you love to play and you know the game gets really exciting once you achieve your superpowers! This is growing up, joining the dots together using our wisdom and the wisdom of those who have already walked the path of self mastery.

As we wake up to a new way of being, one with ourselves which is nature itself. We reach for new possibilities, new potentialities and new landscapes where we can live in peace, following our passions, in harmony with All That Is. honoring the past, our achievements & failures, fears and projections as a necessary journey to get where we need to be for a thriving society.

This platform will aim to cover as many bases as can be considered to offer the most direct path to your waking up, cleaning up and growing up. A roller coaster of a ride of education, revisiting, human history and where the distortions of society began, why we have been kept in the dark about our potentiality and where it leads us as we wake up to our empowerment, through the teachings of the sages of yoga, masters of theology and psychology, the wisdom keepers of plant medicines and native traditions, suppressed technologies and new science, healing modalities and empowerment techniques. As you open Pandora’s box you will find what it is you are looking for and it all leads back to you, your consciousness as the experiencer and creator of The All That Is.

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Using the connective power of theallthatis, i encourage you to join the tribe of wayshowers, conscious humanitarians and lovers of life in creating heaven on earth, here & now.



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