For thousands of years, people all over the World have been using psychedelic plants and substances to reach higher states of consciousness. Many indigenous traditions have known about the potential of these psycho-active plants and have used them for a multitude of reasons, including vision quests, healing and connection to the spirit worlds. In modern society, it is only recently that science is beginning to reveal to the public, the numerous benefits that can be gained from experimenting with psychedelics. Many people in the West come into contact with these medicines through social events and partys however there can be great benefit from exploring and healing our inner World. We have the potential to look deep within our psyche and uncover vital awareness and clairty on our personality and life situations. We are all beginning to realize we all have shadow work, created through conditioning, experienced as abuse, neglect, codependency & deep loss (the 4 key wounds). These substances can help us to look at our character stuctures for what they are and provide a space for us to better understand ourselves, how we became who we are and often deep acknowledgement of the processes of life. For those that are wishing to explore the realms of consciousness, spirituality and inner journeying, i am providing a support service where i will give  advice for new experiencers, with the aim of self empowerment, to provide the conceptual tools to take with you on your psychedelic journey and coaching/spiritual guidance for how to process the trip after the experience.

With experience living in Mexico, sitting in ceremony with native shaman, i have seen how the indigenous peoples and culture of latin America use sacred plants as tools to purify and enlighten themselves, to reconnect with nature and the stars. As a deeply spiritual being, I have a real enthusiasm for the awakening process & spiritual guidance. I wish to provide a safe space for those who would like support either side of their psychedelic journey. I am not responsible for you taking these substances, or obtaining them however i would love to help serve your process to the best of my abilities to gain as much as you can out of your process. Having studied yoga and meditation, leading classes, retreats and workshops, i have experience that i feel can be of great benefit integrating the information received.

Here is an article discussing the finding from scientists at the John Hopkins University in the United States which includes links to peer reviewed research papers.


Also an article written by myself about my experiences sitting with the indigenous peoples of Latin America in ceremonies, using psycho-active plant medicine.


If you are interested in my services 1 on 1 please contact me to arrange an appointment via video link.


I work on a donation based philosophy whereby there is payment for the session by encouraging the honouring of my work as the same value as your own. What you earn per hour is what I would ask as a donation. This is a value tier system that is fair for everyone. For me, this is the most harmonious way to honour my work and it is relative to everyone to what they earn.

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