Are We About To See Prophecy & Disclosure Revealed?

Hot off the heels of our most recent post Will The Poles Shift in 20 Months? , this One feels to share further suggestive insights from a recent Quantum Hypnosis Healing session by Allison Coe.

In this article i will give a summary of the video as well as Allison´s work, linking it to the information i shared yesterday about the magnetic poles.

This One has been aware of Allison since 2018 and found this audio rather fortuitously, as is often the case. Allison, for those who are not familiar with her work, is a hypnosis facilitator out of Portland Oregon, who once trained with the great hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon. I believe Allison has gone on to adapt the QHHT technique made famous by Dolores. Back in 2017/2018 she began releasing information, with her clients permission, of her sessions, particularly those which spoke of an Event, or a flash of light. In these videos people talked about the “New Earth”, experiencing a flash of light during the day and others being on the other side of this shift. Allison however, did come under some criticism from the more skeptical viewers for these videos back in 2018.

Having received a QHHT session from a dear friend and author Senya Uctzecmen, this One felt the profoundity of the experience within the session and can vouch for the technique.

Allison does a great job of lovingly guiding her clients through their experiences whilst extracting vivid information by her explorative questioning.

What is the information you may be asking..

Well for sure this One suggests watching the video. finding a quiet place to be while you let Allison guide you on this phopetic journey her client goes on. To summarize, as any informative article must do, the client describes a few situations that arise. I will write them in a linear order of events, as the transcript of the session jumps about a bit. So her it goes…

It is shared that in July of this year 2020, the pentagon releases information, potentially related to UFO´s. As this information goes global, more and more information is released, which starts an avalanche of info/disclosure. As the weeks and months fly by with daily paradigm breaking news, people come together to support each other as things start to turn ever more uncertain.. At some point during this fall out, things look to become chaotic. It is described as a storm. However the account says, as things become violent, the ships (UFOs) will appear. This is said to be in 2022. It goes on to say that some will go onto the ships while most will stay.. Within days of these landings a great flash of light will stun the planet and population by a CME. Everyone will be affected by the light, some will recover very quickly and begin helping others who are left unable to do anything other than absorb this huge influx of light.

I will at this point share on of my poems that was published in November 2020 that predicts this very event in 2022, in a simplistic, tongue and cheek style… The book itself is, available on Amazon paperback in certain territories, not only is it a channeled collection of prophecy, it is also a book of magic spells that is quite unlike any other book in existence, in this One’s eyes. Be sure to follow the links to order yourself a copy and also support both Allison and Gene in their efforts to continue to do what they do best.

Why then is this of importance in relation to yesterdays article, is… that with weakening magnetic fields around our planet, we are ever more susceptible to CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejection) or solar flare/flash from the Sun, which is what the flash of light is said to be on the transmission. We must acknowledge that the information Gene is sharing is an estimation at the current migration rate.. This does not take into account a potential quickening of this movement as the fields move further apart. This is a real and soon to be present situation. We do not know what will happen once the poles hit that 40 degree zone however, the potential for a major CME would increase dramatically if our magnetic fields were gone or unstable at least. This One so far, is not an expert in magnetics even though there is a unusual interest in it.. (look out for future articles on Ken Wheeler, he is an expert in the field and many others) so i look to others with greater experience to predict how the poles would react after a displacement.. By all accounts Gene has a video from some years ago, on his channel Maverickstar Reloaded, sharing his findings from these exact experiments.. If i find them i will add them to the article.

So, if what this hypnosis session suggests, is close to the unfolding timeline we experience, we are in for one major ride. A mix of uncertainty, fear and excitement is felt considering these events playing out. Life as we know it, in this post modern era will likely end and a new dawn will begin.. One prophecised by countless cultures, that brings back balance, love and unity to the planet and it’s people.. Oh that would be such a dream come true.

It comes to mind to recall a channelling by Kryon that describes the Pleadies going through a similar and equally challenging liberation, from the same forces. Lost in the archives of “time” & memory, again, if the community wish to share links so that others can see a potential bigger picture, i highly encourage you all to use this article as a ongoing thread of information.

For now, enjoy the transmission, keep one eye on the skies and the other on the mainstream news.


5 thoughts on “Are We About To See Prophecy & Disclosure Revealed?”

  1. The elites seem to want to control the end of the present world more completely, to ensure control of the next world. With all the evidence of previous pole shifts and collapsed civilizations (for example: I’m not sure it’s even completely evil that they want to control it all. Though we may not be included in their plans to save a remnant of humanity – at least that is one of their goals. That said, I for one am glad to see people like Chan Thomas and Allison Coe suggesting that there might be benevolent aliens coming with fleets of UFOs to save some good regular people as well. If the sun is burning and the waters are rising and I see open doors for a government bunker and an alien spacecraft…. I’d rather put my trust in the aliens.

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    1. Hahha.. nice one David. I am leaning towards being grateful (on some level at least) that there are people that are planning our development.. take the current financial system.. if it were just up to people to come together to make a decision, we would be lemmings walking of a cliff. I also feel life’s greatest quality is its ability to adapt and thrive against insummountable odds. I take hope in these ideas… as for the ships.. lets see, im predicting next year.

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  2. oh the poles shift.. it’s been :in the air: for sooo long, I almost forgot about it.. so, we seem to have some exact dates?? Hm. I’ll ask AmintaSolarSun to look into that… allthough, as w all should like to acknowledge, WE create the Events in and out of this Matrix. I wonder how many strong willed meditators are stopping this event, and what Mother Earth herself is feeling?

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    1. I agree that we are creating these events. I feel that the poles shifting (which they have been now for 30 years) is a sigm that we can rwference from previous cycles of ‘time’ that seemingly coincide with rises amd falls of world ages. I feel to be positive about the changes which recognizing the potential physical attributes they may play out in expereincing this shift externally.. the external experience however, as i sense what this shift is, is a shift from experiencing/affected by outside in to experiencing inside out, knowing/mastering the vibration internally to experience externally. So to answer you enquiry, yes there ia data that suggests at current rate, we will reach the field distabilization point of 40 degree by feb 2023.. that being that things dp npt apeed up. It can also be noted in this last 7 day cycle there has been some huge cme solar activity.. which when you consider the narrative that is shared in this video and many prophesies of a solar flash event being the architypal energy of a raising of consciousness/freezing being a lowering of consciousness.. thmake into the account of the weakening magnetic fields and the current global situation.. id say we are very close to the event horizon, is that a pole shift, flooding, then solar flash? Maybe.. whatever manifests will be a individual and collective experience.

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