Chakra Series: Root/Muladara

Welcome. In this series of articles, we are going to explore the significance of the chakras. How they relate in our experience and some techniques to connect with, in this case, the root of our being.

Muladara chakra, as it is known in the yoga tradition, is the chakra located around the area of the perineum. It is said that the primal energy of the kundalini serpent resides here, coiled at the base of the spine. It is said that once the chakras have been balanced and opened and the spiritual, physical and emotional bodies are aligned, the kundalini energy rises, activating each of the 7 chakras, as it illuminates the crown in cosmic consciousness.

So lets put our attention at the base of the spine and begin this journey together, through the chakras.

The most widely acknowledged attribute of the root chakra is grounding, also called Earthing. Grounding is the ability to connect our energies to the Earth energies. Like with a grounding wire in our electric appliances, we need to ground, for the electrical energies within us to flow. We can use grounding as a way to distress and release emotions and blocked energies. Many aspects of modern society disconnect us for these Earth energies. Things like rubber trainers, modern construction, in housing and city centers, and of course the phone, computer, TV screen.

This chakra is linked to our fundamental well being in the physical. Its element is….. yeah, you guessed it, the Earth element.

The colour associated to Muladara is red. When we think about a rainbow, we may instinctively know that red is the lowest visible spectrum of colour we see, its always at the bottom of that spectrum. It has the longest sine wave which is represented in sound as the bass and drum.

The image of stomping bare feet to tribal beats is a great activator for the root chakra.

Other common traits that are synonymous with Muladara are stability, security, and physicality. Things like exercise, yoga, martial art, as well as physical manual tasks.

It is highly recommended as a daily habit to walk bare feet in nature for at least 5-20 minutes. This again will connect us to the Earth and help us to discharge negative energies.

Meditation itself is a great practice to ground. Sitting up, with the spine straight, ideally in nature, will create an instant connection to the Earth. We can use our intention as well, to ground in times when we spend a lot of time indoors, by simply focusing on Mulahdara. This is important for those living and working in cities and urban areas.

Some other meditative techniques to activate Mulahdara include visualization, affirmations and mantras. The mantra for Mulahdara is “LAM”. By chanting LAM continuously, one can activate the root chakra.

With the modern age as it is. With the high paced world of business and technology constantly upgrading, we can tap into the pool of resources we have, to stay calm, focused and grounded in our reality. From this place we can make the best decisions for yourself, our families and friends, business partnerships and relating in general.. especially during these changing times we are going through.

We are organic beings, that resonate with organic life, fresh water, clean air, naturally grown foods, and other living beings. This is our medicine..

This chakra illuminates when a connection with nature is made.

Before we get into the meditation, here are a some A,B,C tips to balance the root chakra..

Come back and revisit this tutorial at any time for a reminder and check in with the root of your being..

Finding yourself a comfortable place to be, to close your eyes and interiorize.

When you feel ready, take a slow deep inhalation through the nose and exhaling fully out of the mouth.

As you feel the air exhaling, feel yourself dropping into the body.

Take another slow deep breathe through the nose and again feel yourself melt into your body as you exhale through the mouth.

Taking a third deep inhalation through the nose. As you exhale, feel your energetic self at the base of your spine..

Be with any thoughts or sensations that may arise.

Now i want you to visualize a place in nature you hold dear to your heart.

Take yourself there.

Imagine the surroundings.

Mabe your are in a meadow, Maybe you are by a river, For some, you may be sat high at a favorite view point.

Where ever you are, feel yourself there and feel the love you have for that place.

As this feeling of love grows inside of you, with intention, send that love from your heart through the root chakra to the center of Mother Earth.

You can visualize this as roots growing down to through the Earth from the base of your spine, or a golden ball of light, whatever flows with your imagination go with it..

Do not be surprised if you feel this love returned to you.

Embrace the place and space you have created for yourself.

If you feel any tension in the body, anything that comes to mind to release allow these energies to melt down the channel you created, into the Earth.

In just a few minutes you have connected to the root of your being and grounded your energies through memory, love and appreciation.

This can be done anywhere anytime.

This inquiry into the root chakra has been written, as one of a series, that is part of an amazing meditation app called Souse Guru. Created with Martin Bone’s vision and guidance of meditation. I am honoured to be asked to contribute to this beautiful project, to spread this sacred art form we know as meditation.

You can download the app for free via this link which gives you access to the basic content. With monthly donations you gain access to a library of wisdom, including guided meditations, breath work, techniques, practices & podcasts.



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