Chakra Series: Solar Pleux/Manipura.

The Solar Plexus chakra is known in yoga as Manipura. It is the firey 3rd chakra, associated with one´s sense of self, expressed in the world. It is the chakra of action, will power and confidence. Through this exploration, we will focus on the importance of a balanced Manipura chakra, what that looks like, how imbalances can be acknowledged and what we can do to harmonize this aspect of our being.

The solar plexus is the area of the abdomen above the naval and below the heart. It is energetic power house of the chakra system.

Manipura is depicted as a yellow 10 petaled lotus flower. It is associated to the fire element and as such, is seen as a transformational energy center.

We see a lot of people with a strong Manipura, in business and sport. where being the best, is rewarded with respect, money and influence. Someone with drive and determination.

A person with a balanced Manipura will have a healthy amount of drive with an ability to know when to take the foot off the gas, in business, relationships and vocations. We all need to have a direction in life and a balanced Manipura will energize the will and courage to overcome life’s challenges, to achieve our goals.

By balancing the energetic body, we can greatly improve the health of our emotional, mental and physical bodies and likewise working on any one of these bodies will promote health in the others. They are all connected.

If our solar plexus chakra is lacking in vitality for example, we must look at ourselves and the lives we live, to see if there is a need to cultivate discipline, focus and accountability for our actions. If we do not have that destination or goal, it is obviously going to be difficult to find motivation and determination to manifest the life we want.

As with any chakra, imbalances can materialize in extreme polarities. In the sacral chakra for example, a lack of creativity (writers block) can be a sign of a under-active Svadhistana. In the root chakra, a hoarder, attached to material

things may have an imbalance in Muladara. In the case of the 3rd chakra, we can picture a tyrannical, financial tycoon, as someone who would likely have an overactive Manipura, or someone without direction, living on benefits would be a sign of a under-active Manipura.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to confirm if your solar plexus chakra is out of balance?

Do i feel i can do?

Am i eager to wake up and start the day?

Is there enough excitement in my life?

Does my life have too many toxic elements in it?

Do i often feel tired?

Do i feel like a victim of the World?


Am i over reactive to unsuspecting turns of events?

Am i obsessed about money?

Am i over critical and judge others?

Am i unable to switch off from work?

If you’ve answered any of these questions in a way that resonates within you, there is likely some attention needed on this chakra.

Here are also some simple daily practices that can get the fires burning again.

Chant LAM continuously. This tone resonates with the frequency of Manipura.

Practice Trikonasana (triangle pose), naukasana (boat pose)

Meditate on the 3rd chakra visualizing fire.

Make a fire.

Wear yellow tops and tshirts.

Set daily goals and cultivate accountability for the goals you set.

If we think about it, we need all three of the “lower” chakras on form to function well on the material plane. We need to be grounded. We need to recognize the potential of our sexual/creative energy and we need the will power to manifest what we want. Do we want to be in the passenger seat or the drivers seat in our lives?

If you feel there is work to do in this area, feel free to revisit these questions, practices and meditation to further deepen your inquiry. You hold the answers within.

Take some moments to integrate these ideas and find yourself a comfortable seated position.. When you are ready we will dive into a short meditation..

Close your eyes and interiorize.

When you feel ready, take a slow deep inhalation through the nose and exhaling fully out of the mouth.

As you feel the air exhaling, feel youself dropping into the body.

Take another slow deep breathe through the nose and again feel yourself melt into your body as you exhale through the mouth.

With a third deep, slow breath feel yourself center in the abdominal area and as you breathe out, rest in this energetic space.

Staying connected to the breath, begin to breathe intentionally through this chakra.

You can visualize a fire pit that intensifies through every inhalation and exhalation.

Internally affirm your strength and resilience, Within the flames, acknowledge what you have over come in your life and breathe that knowing into the fire.

Absorb the wisdom of this sacred element, fire, the great energizer.

What do want to energize with this aspect of you?

You are a powerful being who’s spark can ignite an entire planet.



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