2 Day Online Spiritual Heart Meditation & Yoga Retreat

A 2-day online, spiritual heart meditation emmersion, with meditations, Yoga, breathing techniques and talks on Meditation, The Spiritual Heart, Consciousness of One-ness & Who am I?

Dive into the cave of the Heart

This retreat offers you the opportunity to sit virtually, with a group, to dive into the teachings of the heart, consciousness and practices that can benefit our daily lives, in the comfort of your home. When we come to-gather in numbers to meditate on a similar intention, we create powerful waves of electromagnetic intent that we put out to the Universe. During such uncertain times, not only is it a beautiful gift to yourself but to sit and anchor loving-awareness in these times is as sweet a gift you can give.


The sacred art of Meditation. To be with One-Self, in silence, is our most natural state. Learn how to create the conditions for meditation to (a)rise using profound breathing techniques.


Creating a safe space to contemplate the multidimenionality of the heart and it’s role in our lives, not just as an organ… as the very (es)sence of our being.


To-gather, we will perform each day, the Sun Salutations. An (an)cient practice that supports well-being and an (i)deal (a)companiment to your meditation practice.

Topics & practices covered.

*Hridaya Spiritual Heart Meditation. A three part meditation focusing on the heart space, the pauses between (in)halations & (ex)halations and ultimately meditation on the (in)quiry… Who Am i?

*Who Am I? The most potent of spiritual (in)quiries. Asking who is it that is listening to the voice in my head? Championed by the great Indian sage Ramana Maharshi.

*Consciousness of Oneness – The Spiritual Heart. (Ex)ploring the first hand (ex)periences of Ramana & others of the Supreme Self, which they recognized as a dimension of their being resonating from the heart space.

*What is Meditation. We will looking into what meditation is and isn’t in depth.

*Pranayama breathing techniques. The (an)cient art of pranayama. Simple rhythmic breathing that bring us into physiological coherence in the body with (in)creased oxygenation of the blood, and a stilling of the mind.

*Sun Salutations. This (an)cient yoga practice of Sun salutations,is known in Sanskrit as Surya namaska. A routine held in devotion to the Sun often practiced during Sun rise and Sun set. Helps with activating the nervous system, chakras and (in)creased strength, flexibility and mobility in general throughout the body.

 Paul’s retreat really gives you a chance to unite body and mind. It lets you relax and energize your body through the yoga and then still and calm the mind with the meditations. He is very professional and sweet at the same time..

David Tham.

Let us come to-gather in the sacred space of the heart.

For more (in)formation about the philosophy we will be (pre)senting, and the school, you can check out Hridaya-yoga.com. Centers in Mexico, France & Romania.



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