Is This The First Pixie Ever Caught On Camera?

One stumbled, by chance, or divine timing, on a youtube video with the title “First Sighting Of A Pixie”. Obviously intrigued, i watched the video and this One was totally blown away by what One saw. 

Before we get into the video itself, which was made at least 3 years ago, lets get into Pixies a little (excuse the pun!). Considered by many to be one of the living species of the elemental kingdom a long side Faeries, Gnomes & Elves that are said to live in the woodlands, barrows, stone circles and ringforts of the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

Pixies are said to be about 10inches tall, mischievous and childlike, being fond of dancing, westling each other and according to Erwin, prone to taking anything they can get there hands on.. In a later video he comes back to his things to find his sandwich had been taken from his bag!

Whether you believe the myths of the Pixies to be true or not this One highly encourage you to watch this video and bliss out in the wonder and possibilities of life. Why are there so many accounts and stories of them as well as dragons and wyrms, which he suggests he encounters in a later video. A wyrm is another mythical wingless dragon like creature, said to have lived in the UK. This One has the perspective that if it is imagined in consciousness, them on some level at least there is an essence of it. Dragons simply would’t be real if there were no depictions, accounts or stories about them. What is life other than a never ending story upon story.

Lets get into the video.

First of all what struck me as One began the 10 minute clip was the gentle sweet nature of the filmmaker and presenter Erwin Saunders. He comes across as the perfect guide into the mystery of the elemental kingdom, with a big fluffy grey beard, long hair, and all the country attire, however, with all honesty this One wasn’t sure where this was going.. Were we about to see actually footage of Pixes? The inner child in this One was transfixed. 

What then struck One, as One observed the unfolding journey with Erwin as the spirit guide, was how stunning the English woodlands are. They are so peaceful and magical, a blanket of flowering green, bathing in a soft bright light of the Sun sweeping through the tree leaves.

Enjoying Erwins character and genuine nature getting in to the later part of the video, he is telling us all about the Pixes, what they like to do, what paths and places they like to be at. Then just at the end of the video. Clearly seen above his left shoulder, a small humanlike creature up on a ledge. Obviously the rational mind wants to look for any signs of fabrication. It does seem to look legitimate and Erwin does not seem like he is pretending.

It is a fascinating watch and this One is certain you will love him. With a few million views on his top videos, with more encounters, he has become a bit of a internist sensation to those that have watched him stumble through the picturesque woodlands of Wilton in Wiltshire. 

One recommds watching “Couple More Encounters with Pixies” video where his tuna sandwich is seen disappearing into the woods. 

Even if you are still skeptical, and you have a rite to be, show this to your children and remember the beauty of childhood imagination and open inquisitiveness. 

To Erwin Sauders, here at The All That Is, we salute you for keeping the magic alive and presenting yourself and these mythical beings to us. Thank you.

To add further mystery to Erwin and his videos, he had not been seen or heard of on his channel for over a year til last month where a cryptic drawing was uploaded. As always, the followers soon decoded the message to announce Erwin would be back this Spring.. So i guess this is the perfect moment to be sharing his content. 

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